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Seek compensation following
serious accidents and injuries

The fundamentals

Third party to blame

Is there someone else responsible for causing your accident? The driver of a another vehicle? Those responsible for keeping roads or pathways clear from hazards such as potholes?

Serious injury

Have you suffered a serious injury as a result? Has this injury had a serious impact on your income level or your day-to-day quality of life?

Take action

Legal experts are poised to assess your case and will fight your corner if they believe the prospects of success are strong. Once accepted, they’ll be committed to securing compensation for you to help put things right.

How does it work?

Who is eligible?

The legal expenses cover is provided for all Deliveroo riders through automatic membership.

The scheme operators Serious Injury Law Limited (Digby Brown Solicitors for Scottish claims) will assess the reasonable prospects of success for your accident – if they accept and pursue your claim to a conclusion this will be at zero cost to you.

How much support is available?

Accepted serious injury claims will be supported up to an indemnity limit of £150,000 – a considerable fund to finance legal action seeking compensation for you.

How is this free?

Serious Injury Law will only accept your case after careful assessment of the reasonable prospects of success.

If the legal action is successful they will recover their costs from the third party.

If they elect to pursue your case, but the legal action is subsequently unsuccessful, they will make no attempt to recover their costs.

What if I’ve already appointed solicitors?

If you’ve already appointed solicitors – potentially accepting significant costs such as success fees, or purchasing costly After The Event (ATE) cover – you may have prejudiced the case Serious Injury Law Limited could pursue, and therefore it is possible you will not be able to benefit from the legal expenses cover.

In the event you have already appointed another solicitor, it is advisable to speak to Serious Injury Law Limited to determine whether they can help under the terms of the Serious Injury Scheme.  It is, for instance, good practice for a lawyer to determine whether you have alternative legal cover in place before asking you to purchase an After The Event insurance policy (sometimes several hundred pounds) which due to the cover the Serious Injury Scheme provides Deliveroo riders is not necessary.

What costs does this save me?

It depends on individual circumstances but broadly speaking the free legal cover removes the potential for any of the following costs:

  • Success fees
  • Engagement fees
  • After the Event (ATE) insurance premiums
How do I make my claim?

Use the link below to contact the team at Serious Injury Law Limited (who will forward on any Scottish enquiries to Digby Brown Solicitors), or alternatively get in touch using the details below:

  • Serious Injury Scheme/Deliveroo Rider Helpline: 01204 454 303
  • Post: Serious Injury Law Limited (Deliveroo claims), 66 Chorley Street, Bolton, BL1 4AL
Or Notify Claim Online

Policy Documents

The paper trail that establishes the cover is in place

Legal Protection Terms

Legal Protection Terms

Details of your legal expenses cover (provided by the Serious Injury Scheme).
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Serious Injury Law Limited

The Serious Injury Scheme is provided by Serious Injury Law Limited, a top tier Legal 500 rated law firm who have over 30 years’ experience of handling serious injury cases.