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We love
riding bikes

Here's a bit more about the team, why we exist and what we stand for.

Protect the worlds’ cyclists

That means three things.

Firstly, being relentless about our focus on protecting our community of riders/customers and providing an exceptional experience at every interaction.

Secondly, being a global business – not at any cost, but working alongside partners to protect riders across the world. We all ride for the same reasons and love many of the same bikes anyway.

Thirdly, doing it in a way which is sustainable – working with the cycling sector not trying to wring every cent of profit out of it. We are proudly BCorp certified and a 1% For The Planet member.
Bikmo Mission

Who are we?

From a national champ to daily commuters, each one of the team rides in some way shape or form. We recently scored over 60 on an Employee NPS review which is a fine indication of the culture built up by each of the team.

We’re growing fast and are in need of smart, creative and ambitious people who what to reshape what insurance means to active people. Check out the team page for more!

How it all happened

Life isn’t linear and neither has the journey been for Bikmo, but our ethos in using tech to enable customers to spend more time riding has remained remarkably consistent.

Bikmo started out life as a bikes + kit comparison engine before pivoting into insurance in 2014. Our expertise and network within the cycling sector combined with a love for great technology and customer experience meant that, after selling awesome coffee at the 2014 TdF Rapha Tempest Festival + 2,000 email signups, we were selling policies from day 1.
A Brief History of Bikmo

Building Better Blocks

Technology should be there to serve us, not for us to be a slave to it. We build digital experiences and interactions that are simple, fast and satisfying so you can spend more time riding.

After a new feature? Become part of our technology working group to improve what we do and help build the platform that supports riders and the planet alike.
Good technology - 1

Careers at bikmo

Bikmo DE+AT : Customer Experience & Partnerships Agent

Innsbruck, Austria
We are searching for a motivated individual to support both our Customer Experience and Partnerships teams within Austria. Ideally, you have experience in the retail sector, bicycles and outdoor sports are your great passions. As a young, dynamic team, we are also open to career changers.

Bikmo UK+IE: Retail + Commercial Insurance Manager

Chester, UK
This is an exciting opportunity to take ownership and play a key role in Bikmo’s mission to insure the world’s cyclist’s, and cycle industry brands. So if you are passionate about insurance and cycling, this might be your dream job!

Bikmo UK+IE: Full stack Developer

Chester, UK
This is an exciting opportunity for a technically excellent and self-starting full stack problem solver to join our team in developing the platform that will enable us to achieve our ambition. Rapid application development allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs and stay one step ahead of the competition, so we’re looking for an applicant with an agile and adaptive mind, able to spot a problem and formulate a solution.