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Whether you're organising a local charity ride or a national series, let Bikmo look after your cycling event insurance so you can focus on the fun stuff.


Bikmo can support you with all aspects of your cycling event insurances, from planning to the finish line and beyond.

Cancellation or Postponement

You can plan an event to the nth degree, but you still never know what rotten luck might come your way. Protect expenses and expected revenue if you need to call it all off.

Public Liability

Most cycling events take place without incident, however you should be prepared to find yourself in the crosshairs of legal attention from organisations or individuals.

Lost Revenue

While it may not be necessary to cancel your event, attendance (and therefore your revenue) may be significantly affected by events outside of your control.

Your Business

As event organisers your business may own or rent property, process data, employ staff, supervise volunteers, sell merchandise and more. Your risk extends way just the event.

Prize Indemnity

A quirk of the event insurance world, often referred to as hole-in-one insurance. Helping you stage epic events with eye-watering prizes that won’t bankrupt the organisers.


Book special guests or entertainment without fear. Extensions can be designed to shield your event from the impact of the absence of VIPs due to injury or ill health.

Event Travel

Bikmo has a great value sports travel policy for overseas adventures. If your event requires foreign travel we can work out a way to offer this cover to those taking part.

Cycle Insurance

Bikmo offers industry-leading cycle insurance. We can work with event organisers to offer your participants comprehensive cover for their bikes and kit.


What information will you need to get a cycling event insurance quote?

The more we understand about your event the better we can tailor your cycling event insurance and our advice. We may end up asking you more than you’ve been asked before, but its only because we have a determination to deliver the most suitable cover for you and the best value.

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we’ll keep things as concise as you’d like, but we’d encourage you to invest time putting in the foundation work with us. We’re sure you will feel the long-term benefit of getting on top of your insurance risk.

Some of the key topics we’re likely to ask about:

  • The history of the event / experience of the organisers
  • The scale of the event
  • Event budgeting and revenue forecasts
  • Risk management including detailed risk assessments
  • Your contingency planning
When should we start discussing our cycling event insurance?

It would be worth getting in touch with us and starting the conversation as early as possible, maybe not at your very first brainstorm, but not too long after.

For new events and sportives allowing the greatest lead time for the insurance topic will allow us and insurers to help guide you down the best recommended paths, and hopefully give you a good idea of how much will need to be set aside in the budgeting for cycling event or cycling sportive insurance – it can be a sizeable overhead.

You want to make sure you have your cover in place before you start incurring costs, selling tickets or solidifying arrangements.

What’s different about Bikmo?

We’re specialists, 100% focussed on providing insurance solutions for cyclists and cycling-centric businesses. It’s so important to us that you can trust your insurance cover in order that you can concentrate on putting on your epic event.

Your rider participants are our kind of people – chances are they may even include a fair share of our existing customers. Once we start talking you’ll soon notice that we may be an insurance business by profession, but we’re a cycling business at heart.

How much cheaper will our premium be?

We will put in the hard graft to ensure that we can be confident in delivering a competitive premium, however we are here to provide the most suitable cover solution which will not necessarily always be the cheapest.

Our core priority will be to help you get the very best protection within your budget. We’ll never be afraid to tell you if we believe you need to do anything a bit differently to secure insurer support, or invest a little bit more to bolster your cycling event insurance.

Why are recommended liability limits so high?

In an increasingly litigious society there will always be a risk to event organisers should your negligent actions or inaction be alleged to have caused injury or loss. The expectation on controls the organisers have in place ramp up as event hazards multiply.

The cause of any such injury may appear innocuous but the effects can be life-changing and expenses can pile up rapidly. The injured party may require specialist and costly care for the remainder of their life, or their injuries may mean they need to call time on a prestigious career, foregoing substantial future earnings.

From small incidents significant claims do occur, no event big or small, and no event organiser is immune from the potential fallout. This is the key reason why we’ll recommend you opt for the highest liability limit you can reasonably afford. £5m and £10m limits are increasingly becoming the norm even for small businesses.

Would Bikmo be interested in becoming an event partner?

We’d be delighted to explore all opportunities and ideas about how we can support your cycling event or sportive, and ways we can support each other.

With our cycling-centric status we’re in a unique position that other brokers can’t compete with – we can be a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs including the event itself, your business, your entrants, your suppliers, our cycling community.


Bikmo is not just award-winning cycle insurance, but also the insurance partner of choice for some of the best retailers, brands and cycle clubs.


The Bikmo team is made up of people who love bikes, the outdoors, and protecting our planet for future generations. By focussing our insurance expertise on cycling and mobility, we feel lucky to work with businesses that share our values.
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Using business as a force for good. Our planet needs responsible people and businesses to step up and meet the challenges it faces. For us, that means focussing not just on profit but continuing to put people – customers, team and society – and the environment as high on our priority list as profit when making business decisions.

In September 2019 we certified as a BCorp. For those not in the know, it’s a rigorous process that assesses and independently verifies our activities as a business right from corporate governance through to social impact and team benefits.

Further, in 2020 we fulfilled our aim of joining 1% For The Planet, providing a great framework for our philanthropic activities as a small but growing team. It’s a great organisation and well known brand that is helping us structure how we give back.
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