Deliveroo rider insurance


Your free rider insurance is here to protect you and your income.

Accident Insurance

Your accident insurance gives you supporting income in case you can’t work following an accident while working with Deliveroo. You can also access legal support, and a counselling and advice service.
Deliveroo accident insurance

Sickness Insurance

Your sickness insurance provides you with income support to help you rest and recover if you fall ill at any time. You must be unable to work for more than 7 days as a result of your sickness.
Deliveroo sickness insurance

New Child Payment

Riders who work regularly with Deliveroo and have a new child can claim a one-off payment to help with loss of income and the extra expenses that come with being a parent.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses cover provided up to a maximum limit of £150,000. Helping you to seek compensation if you are impacted by an accident where a third party is alleged to have been at fault.

Advice + Support

All riders have access to a 24 hour telephone helpline (0800 519 9969) providing personal support, including counselling services.

You’ll need to provide your Accident policy number (UKBOPD25911) when prompted.
For full details see page 7 of the Accident policy wording.

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