Your rider
accident insurance

Cover for lost income following an accident
whilst working for Deliveroo.

Your rider accident insurance benefits

Serious injury

Up to £50,000 if you suffer a permanent injury or death following an accident when logged in to your rider app.

Facial scarring

Not something we want to think about, but you are covered for facial scarring as a result of an assault on you.

Dental injury

Cover for dental injury treatment up to £2,000 following an accident whilst working that causes you bodily injury.

Hospital stay

If your accident causes you to spend time in hospital, you can claim £50 for each overnight stay up to 60 days.


You can claim up to £500 if your accident results in a dislocation of one of the covered limbs or body parts.

Temporary disablement

If your injury lasts longer than 7 days, you will be paid for your lost income whilst you can’t work during the benefit period.

Medical expenses

You can claim up to £7,500 in a year to cover you for prescribed treatment and medical costs following a claim for serious injury.

Family expenses

Reimburses for up to £500 expenses for travel, accommodation and meals whilst visiting you in hospital.

Urgent expenses

Up to £3,000 for urgent expenses following death, including funeral costs, in addition to any other payments due.


A daily payment whilst you undergo recovery as advised by a doctor following discharge from hospital.

Legal protection

Up to £150,000 for legal costs for a dispute following an accident that causes you bodily injury and wasn’t your fault.


Access to telephone counselling, medical advice, personal tax advice and bereavement advice for you or your family.

Frequently asked questions

Does Bikmo provide vehicle and food delivery insurance?

No, Bikmo only provides your accident insurance which covers you for accidents whilst you are working with Deliveroo. For details on other insurance please refer to the rider support page provided by Deliveroo below.

What insurance do I need
Is there someone I can speak to for advice?

As part of your free Rider Accident Insurance service, you have access to a helpline offering advice and support on a range of issues including:

  • Counselling advice
  • Personal tax
  • Medical advice
  • Bereavement advice for you or your family

You can access the helpline by calling 0800 519 9969.

Am I covered if I cause injury to someone or damage their property?

If you have an accident and cause injury to another person, or you damage their property in the incident, you may be able to claim under your public liability insurance cover.

Bikmo does not provide this insurance, it is provided by Indeez. You can find out more about the policy and what’s covered here.

Is my kit, bike, scooter or car covered?

No, your free insurance does not cover property such as your bike, vehicle, clothing or kit.

If you cause damage to another person’s property however, this could be covered by your public liability insurance.

Your public liability insurance is provided by Indeez and you can find out more on their website here.

How do I make an accident claim?

If you have an accident which causes you bodily injury, you can make a claim for payment through your accident insurance using the online form here.

Once you’ve submitted your claim form online, it will be sent immediately to the claims team at Chubb. You will receive confirmation of your claim submission by email. We recommend you retain this information for your records, or in case you need to make an enquiry about your claim.

A claims handler will then be in touch, and may ask you to provide any additional information required to validate your claim.

You can contact the team at Chubb about your claim, using the details below:

  • Telephone: 0345 841 0059
  • Email:
  • Post: Chubb (Claims Dept.), PO Box 682, Winchester, SO23 5AG

If a third party was involved and you wish to make a claim under your public liability insurer, please visit the Indeez website here (this insurance is not provided by Bikmo).

I was working as a substitute, am I covered?

Rider accident insurance covers substitutes providing you were working under the account of an active rider and in accordance with their rider supplier agreement. Substitutes can make a claim using the same claim form on this site.

Am I covered whilst working for other platforms?

You must work with Deliveroo to be eligible for any benefit under this policy, but working with, or for, any other companies does not void or invalidate your cover whilst you are working for Deliveroo.

What happens if I’ve been involved in an accident where I have sustained an injury and I believe somebody else is to blame?

If you have an accident which results in you sustaining an injury and you believe somebody or something e.g. a pothole, is to blame, you can seek advice and support from our legal partner, Serious Law LLP, through their Serious Injury Scheme. Any incidents which occur in Scotland will be handled by Digby Brown who are Scottish Solicitors under the Scheme.

Use the link below to contact the team at Serious Law LLP (who will forward on any Scottish enquiries to Digby Brown Solicitors), or alternatively get in touch using the details below:

  • Serious Injury Scheme/Deliveroo Rider Helpline: 01204 454 303
  • Post: Serious Law LLP (Deliveroo claims), 66 Chorley Street, Bolton, BL1 4AL

If you caused damage to somebody’s property and you wish to make a claim under your public liability insurer, please visit Indeez’s website here (this insurance is not provided by Bikmo).

If you want to make a claim under both your accident and liability, or legal protection policies, you can do so by selecting the option to share your claim data with the other insurer, from our claim form.

Contact Serious Law

Policy documents

Here is everything you need to understand your cover

Policy wording

Policy wording

Full details of cover, exclusions and other important information.
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Legal protection terms

Legal protection terms

Details of your legal expenses cover (provided by the Serious Injury Scheme).
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Policy schedule

Policy schedule

Provides all benefit amounts and cover limits.
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