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Bikmo supports Cyclehoop Bikehangars


Bikmo supports Cyclehoop Bikehangars

When it comes to space-hoggers in the home, bikes can be the worst offenders. Handlebar dodging, pedal trips and door frame clashes are all familiar problems for cyclists! Thankfully, services such as Cyclehoop Rentals are helping more and more people to free up space by providing a secure and convenient parking space near your front door in the form of Bikehangars. Bikmo is proud to support Cyclehoop users with cover that’s been re-thought to ensure it’s suitable for Bikehangar users.

Thanks to Cyclehoop and Bikmo, a growing number of cyclists can park or store their bike securely in a dedicated space close to their home, and have peace of mind that their bike is insured against theft, vandalism and damage 24/7. This won’t sound like a big deal to everyone, but to those that can now release space in their house, quickly grab their bike when they need it, and all the while remain fully insured – this is very welcome news.

About Cyclehoop

Cyclehoop is a leading supplier and operator of cycle parking solutions. They operate Cyclehoop Rentals – the largest UK network of it’s kind with over 1,000 ‘Bikehangars’ across London. Their council subsidised service is helping over 6,000 cyclists to free up more space in their home, and park their bikes securely nearby.

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How Bikmo is supporting

Bikmo is the first official cycle insurer to partner with Cyclehoop, and unlike most other insurers, we now don’t restrict the time your bike can be parked in the hangars before not being covered. This means you can kick back at home with more space to enjoy, knowing that your bike is locked up securely in your nearest Bikehangar, and insured 24/7.

For those geeks out there…

Most other insurers put Cyclehoop’s Bikehangars in the same category as a standard public bike rack, meaning after as little as 12 consecutive hours of your bike being unattended, you are no longer covered. The clause is often is referred to as ‘abandonment’ in the policy wording. This has been a frustration for many cyclists using Cyclehoop Bikehangars and other services. They need the flexibility to park their bikes on a more permanent basis – more akin to how you would use your own garage, than a public bike rack.

How you can benefit

If you are already a Bikehangar user, you can visit their handy insurance advice page to find out more about the insurance considerations when parking and storing your bike, and learn about the benefits as a member.

To find out more about Cyclehoop Rentals, click here to find your closest Bikehangar and start your journey towards giving your bike a safe home.

If you take out a policy with Bikmo on or after 15th March 2018 you will automatically benefit from our improved cover for qualifying ‘cycle hangars’. If you took out your policy before this date, and want to park or store your bike in a Cyclehoop Bikehangar or similar qualifying facility, please get in touch to arrange an endorsement.