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Bikmo partners with Stolen Ride to tackle cycle theft


Bikmo partners with Stolen Ride to tackle cycle theft

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Stolen Ride – the Twitter based cycling community focused on locating stolen bikes in London.

Despite the topic drifting in and out of the agenda, theft is still a big problem and makes up around 16% of all our claims at Bikmo. These happen across the country but London is a hotspot. The London stolen bike map below gives you a sense of the scale of the problem.

map of london stolen ride
London stolen bike map (click here to open)

It’s always a delight to replace a customer’s stolen bike with a new one and get them back on the saddle, but we know many cyclists would love to have their old bike back – perhaps it was a custom bike, vintage or discontinued so difficult to replace. Or maybe the bike just holds some awesome memories and experiences.

Partnering with Stolen Ride makes perfect sense for us. The community has had numerous successes already, and is growing fast. Plus, they have big ambitions which fit well with our work to tackle and prevent theft. We’ll be sharing news of the thefts recovered through Stolen Ride!

To join the Stolen Ride community, simply follow @StolenRide. You’ll get notifications of recently stolen bikes, and you can call on others to help find yours. It goes without saying, that it wouldn’t work without all those eyes on the ground so please do contribute by keeping an eye out for those bikes posted.

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