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The new official provider of British Cycling bike insurance


Bikmo is proud to announce becoming the new official provider of British Cycling bike insurance. From the beginning of May, British Cycling members will gain exclusive access to British Cycling specific bike insurance by Bikmo.

Why is British Cycling becoming our new biggest partner?

British Cycling, being one of the world’s leading national governing bodies, doesn’t need much introduction. Almost anyone who has some racing background has had something to do with them. As well as overseeing competitions in BMX, mountain bike, cyclocross, road, track and cycle speedway. British Cycling also supports commuters, leisure riders or sportive riders to ride more and enjoy cycling.

With over 1,300 road cycling events and about 2,000 recreational events a year. Not mentioning, all mountain bike, BMX, cyclo-sportives events etc. You can become an active part of British Cycling quite easily all over the UK. By 2020 they’ve pledged to get one million more women in the saddle. We’re excited to support this and much more from the first row as the official provider of bike insurance for British Cycling members.

Why did Bikmo become the new provider of British Cycling bike insurance?

Bikmo is a team of people who love cycling and are continuously work on providing better service and insurance products. To both our customers and partners. Thanks to our new partnership, we are able to offer our award-winning bike insurance to all members of British Cycling. Providing peace-of-mind cover for bikes and kit against theft, accidental damage and much more, all under exclusive membership conditions.

Our mission is to enable cyclists to ride more and worry less, while sharing our passion for cycling. We do this with the help of some of the biggest cycling bodies, and helping British Cycling members get back in the saddle as fast as possible, when an unexpected accident occurs. We understand how hard life is for a cyclist when you’re without a bike… missing all those training days. Having to take the bus or train to work. Or, just involuntarily missing out on the joy of cycling because your bike and kit has been stolen or damaged.

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What is the British Cycling bike insurance provided by Bikmo?

If you would like to know more about BC bike insurance provided by Bikmo, visit the British Cycling website directly. Not a member? you can find out more about their four different levels of membership (Race, Ride, Commute and Fan) here.

If you are an existing member of British Cycling, and already covered by Bikmo, but not under the British Cycling policy. Please feel free to have a look on our FAQ’s or contact our BC bike insurance dedicated line or drop us a message. Find all the contact information here

To find out more about our partnerships, visit here