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Travel insurance for professional athletes training and competing all across the globe

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    Here’s what we have planned.

    Bring Pro is no problem

    Most disciplines will be covered as part of this policy from road to track. Unlike most travel policies, this will includes professional activities including those where you receive financial reward or gain.

    Multi-Trip cover

    It’s unlikely you’ll just be travelling just once in the year – reap the rewards of an annual professional sports travel policy which will cover all trips (including within the UK) up to a defined duration.

    Medical Expenses

    If things go kaput and you end up needing treatment a long way from home you can be confident that you don’t end up with a significant medical bill to add to the drama.


    Getting you back home to your family following a serious accident or (we’re sorry to get all morbid) in the event of your death competing overseas.


    Reimbursement for lost travel and accommodation expenses should life throw a significant spanner in the works forcing you to change your best-made plans.

    Your belongings

    Your bikes and kit are likely to need their own policy (check out our awesome bike insurance), but the other items you take add up and replacing them can be an absolute pain.

    Covid-19 protection

    The sports travel insurance market is rapidly developing solutions in response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we’ll look to provide clarity on how cover will respond.

    24 hour emergency assistance

    No matter where you are, or what time of day, if you have an emergency or need travel advice there will be an expert helpline open with invaluable support on offer.


    Thinking about what activities you have planned

    We’ll aim to provide cover for all professional cycling activities, but they are likely to be considered on a sliding hazard severity scale by insurers. Tell us what you have planned and together we’ll work out the severity level we need to disclose to insurers.

    As part of this its worth remembering that you may spend some time off the bike while you are on your travels and you’ll need to make sure you consider any other activities you are taking part in (i.e. Winter Sports/Diving/Skydiving) to make sure these do not need separate disclosure or increase the overall hazard level.

    Working out when you are going and when you need your professional sports cover

    Single trip policies are available, but often if you are travelling frequently and conducting similar activities each time then a 12-month multi-trip cover will probably be better value.

    Remember that you’ll want cover to be operative from the date you book your travel just in case circumstances arise where plans need to be amended or a trip needs to be cancelled altogether.

    Its also vitally important that your policy is not due to expire before the intended return date of a trip (you need to take extra care with multi-trip policies here). If the policy period expires before your scheduled return journey the whole trip would fall outside the parameters of the policy.

    Working out the maximum duration of any one trip

    A crucial consideration here is to factor in that a trip starts when you leave your permanent home address in the UK, and only ends when you return to your permanent home address in the UK.

    So if you are travelling to back to back competitions – and you do not intend to return home in between – this will all be defined as one trip


    Bikmo continues to be trusted as the insurance partner of choice for key sporting associations and cycling brands, including:

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    The Bikmo team is made up of people who love bikes, the outdoors, and protecting our planet for future generations. By focussing our insurance expertise on cycling and mobility, we feel lucky to work with businesses that share our values.
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