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Bikmo partner up with SPOK’D


Bikmo partner up with SPOK’D

Bikmo is proud to have partnered up with SPOK’D, an online training application to serve all of your cycling training needs.

SPOK’D is built for anyone who wants to improve their cycling performance. It’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate through their website. They also make it easy to follow by using a language everyone can understand. And, if it does get a little complicated there’s a well-written support section to make sure you’re on the right track. This means you can direct energy towards your performance instead of worrying about the boring stuff.

spok'd app
Your SPOK’D app interface.

SPOK’D, brilliant + simple usability.

It’s super easy to use, after a ride all you need to do is link your activity to Strava on the SPOK’D dashboard and you’re done. This means SPOK’D can do the complicated stuff and figure out a plan that’s well-suited to you without you lifting a finger after a ride.

They don’t just generate data on your cycling performance. After each session you’ll be asked questions that are normally ignored by training programmes. Such as, your quality of sleep, how long you slept and your stress levels to have a greater understanding of your overall performance for that session. Training is just as much mental as physical!

spok'd app
Adding a session in your SPOK’D dashboard.

Adaptable + flexible plan for when you miss training.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one for worrying when I’ve missed a session. Will I be able to make it up later in the week? Have I messed up my training plan? SPOK’D have you covered for these all important questions. They understand that life gets in the way sometimes, so they give you the flexibility to adapt your training week. They amend your training plan so you can get on with everything that doesn’t concern two wheels worry-free.

SPOK’D is led by the ex-pro cyclist + now established entrepreneur, Richard Lang. The Aussie has an extensive range of knowledge about the sector and has a passion to improve the fitness of cyclists across the country and beyond. We asked him for a few words to share with the Bikmo community and here’s what he had to say:

‘At SPOK’D, we’re passionate about helping more people enjoy the benefits of personalised training. We’re not about replacing human coaches, but finding a way to bring our expertise to more people in simple, accessible & affordable ways. We hope we can help the Bikmo community get more out of their training.’

spokd structured cycling training
Get your weekly schedule on your SPOK’D dashboard.

Everyone at Bikmo HQ has signed up to make sure we’re fighting fit for the sunny weather to come. So, if you see the team flying around the Cheshire plains in a couple of months time you’ll know why!

Join us, as we’ve managed to secure a 2 month free trial with SPOK’D for all of our members, click here and take your cycling performance + fitness to the next level!

To find out more about our partnerships, visit here