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5 great health benefits of cycling to work


5 great health benefits of cycling to work

There’s a vast range of bikes available today. Irrespective of which bike you ride to work, there is one thing we all can benefit from. That is the endless health benefits which cycling brings us. Cycling can improve our health, from our head to our toes. Here are just five of the main benefits which are hard to beat.

1. Cycling is good for your heart

We love cycling, and it appears as though cycling loves us too as according to the British Medical Association. Cycling just 20 miles per week halves our risk of coronary heart disease. Furthermore, studies suggest that cycling also increases cardiovascular fitness by 3-7% and can help to regulate our heartbeat.

2. Cycling is good for your waistline

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise which enables you to lose weight, burn fat and become a fitter, healthier person.

We’ve made a few calculations using Bicycling’s cycling calorie calculator created by Selene Yeager. These calculations are based on the average commuting distance of 9.3 miles. Mixed with the average commuting speed of 23.7kph, as well as the average male weight of 13.6 stone.

Based on this, the average commute allows you to burn approximately 575 calories per ride. Taking into consideration that this is only one way. That’s a whopping load of calories to burn simply by riding to work.

3. Cycling can increase your lifespan

Cycling can add months onto your estimated life expectancy. According to a study which featured within the journal from Environmental Health Perspectives. People who shifted from driving to cycling for short trips saw an increase to their estimated life expectancy by 3-14 months.

4. Cycling is good for your muscles

Cycling increases general muscle function gradually, and thanks to it being a low impact sport, you don’t run the risk of over exercise or strain like you do with most other sports. By cycling regularly to work, you will strengthen your leg muscles and increase the mobility of your joints.

5. A deeper nights sleep

Cycling will help you get a great nights sleep according to a study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine. This result came after researchers asked sedentary insomnia sufferers to cycle 20-3o minutes every other day, and found that the insomniacs fell asleep in half the time it had previously taken, and also their sleep duration increased by one hour.

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