We just got re-certified as a B Corp! 


We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our B Corp re-certification with an awesome overall B impact score of 96.7! This is a significant win, and we want to celebrate with our customers, partners, and team. 

Getting and maintaining certification is a big commitment involving the whole team, and we are beyond proud at how much we improved. Our score jumped from 84.0 in 2019 to 96.7 today. Every B Corp point is hard won, so to get such a big improvement is remarkable, especially given the global challenges that have affected us. Being a B Corp certified company ensures we are accountable for meeting rigorous social and environmental standards in the interests of all our stakeholders.

Our mission and next steps

At our core, our mission is to protect the world’s riders and the places we ride. We are committed to making a positive impact on society and our environment by getting more people on bikes. Our B Corp re-certification is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility. We are proud to be part of a growing community of businesses that are using collective  power to create positive change in the world. Our next step is to get our net zero goals cemented with data and plans to reduce our CO2 emissions. 

As well as being a B Corp, we are also a 1% for the Planet Business Member, which means that we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental nonprofits. We take this commitment seriously involving every member of the team and we are proud to be part of a community of businesses that prioritise giving back to the planet.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, and employees for their continued support and commitment to our mission. Bikmo believes that by working together, we can create a better world for all riders and the places we ride in.

If you want to take a closer look to our B Corp process, we dive deeper into the B Corp process here, where you will also find out more about our scores, where we still need to work on and what our next steps are!