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7 excellent tips for choosing the right cycle insurance


7 excellent tips for choosing the right cycle insurance

Cycle insurance doesn’t have to be on of those purchases you begrudge having to do. Granted, it’s great to know your beloved wheels are covered from the obvious; theft accidental damage and vandalism. But, what if there were other benefits you hadn’t even thought of? Check out our top tips for choosing the right cycle insurance cover which suits your cycling needs.

Make sure your kit is covered too

Look for a cycle insurance policy which not only covers your bikes, but covers your kit and accessories too. It’s great to know your £5k Pinarello can be replaced after an incident, but what about the £250 Garmin Edge and Kask helmet which may have seen better days?

Check if your home insurer covers you

It’s something which I think of a lot of cyclists can be guilty of; assuming that their expensive bikes are covered under the home contents insurance. They’re then stung with the reality when it comes to making a claim. This of course isn’t always the case, as some home insurers may well add your bikes onto the policy for a small charge. Make sure to check if they cover bikes away from the home, travel, competitions and more hazardous riding such as MTB.

Check you’re covered if you compete

Compete regularly on the road, MTB or tri? Look for an insurance provider which insures you, your bikes and your kit during competition. If you’re a triathlete then make sure your bike is covered in the transition area, as some policies don’t, and it’s at risk when it’s not with you.

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Image by – Matt Grayson

Option to pay monthly or annually

Look for an insurance policy which offers you the choice to pay either monthly or annually, for the same premium. You shouldn’t have to pay extortionate interest rates for having to pay monthly, after all who knows when you’ll be tempted by the next Colnago or Santa Cruz release.

Look at lock requirements

Within the policy wording, many cycle insurance companies will highlight you have to use a lock with a specific rating, dependent on the value of the bike. At Bikmo Plus, we use the Sold Secure system, which most good locks in the UK conform to. Make sure you’re aware of the lock requirements to avoid being hit when it comes to making a claim. It doesn’t hurt to use a high rated lock in all instances if you can, such as the HIPLOK Gold.

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Image by – HIPLOK

Can you make changes to your policy?

Make sure that with your chosen cycle insurance policy, you’re able to add or make changes at any time. You don’t want to be lumped with an extortionate charge when it comes to adding that new Trek Madone or wheel upgrade onto your policy. You’re only human after all. The same goes for decreasing your policy value should you sell or get rid of an older bike.

Look for travel cover

As cyclists, we know that part of the fun of riding is having the freedom to pack up the bike box and taking off to explore the beautiful road and trails of Europe, America or further afield. If you do travel, it’s worth checking that your insurance provider includes travel cover in the policy, for the areas you’re travelling to. Check if your insurer have overseas cover as standard, or if you’ll be charged extra for it.