We would be lying if we said that every insurance claim we receive is super smooth sailing. Sometimes there are more difficult scenarios that mean we have to delve a little deeper before approving or knocking back a claim. Unfortunately, this was the case for our customer Stuart back in February. Find out what happened and how the team at Bikmo went the extra mile so that Stuart remains one happy customer.

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What led to you making a claim?

Sadly, the commute/winter hack was stolen from the office and ultimately used as a getaway vehicle following the burglary of an adjoining retail business.

The police were informed and it transpired that the suspect was on the run for a string of other offences, though unfortunately my bike was not recovered.

What was the initial feedback from Bikmo?

Whilst my initial claim was easy enough to raise, it was declined due to a technicality surrounding the location and the period of time it had been left. Naturally I was disappointed with the initial decision and requested a further investigation.

What happened next?

Luckily the response exceeded any expectations I had and completely restored my confidence in the decision to use Bikmo. Through the account management team I was given access to the CEO (a rarity in the usually corporate world of insurance), who was eager to understand the specifics of my claim and explain why it had initially been declined.

Following a couple of constructive conversations, a decision was then made to approve my claim, and better still, the policy for all customers has been adjusted to iron out any confusing points and thus providing an even greater level of protection when customers secure their bike(s) away from home.

As you can imagine I was delighted with the response, not only because I was receiving a replacement bike and trimmings, but also because of the way Bikmo accepted constructive feedback and demonstrated that they have a genuine interest in helping and protecting their customers.

Would you recommend Bikmo to a friend in future?

Without hesitation!  I have never experienced the need to make a claim before and whilst it’s not a process I would want to repeat too often, I can confidently recommend that the Bikmo team will have your best interests at heart.

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