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Supporting World Bicycle Relief’s Women on Wheels


Who runs the world? Girls. Join us in empowering women with 1% For The Planet and Women on Wheels this June.

The World Bicycle Relief’s (WBR) Women on Wheels campaign (May 25th – June 15th) aims to “empower more women and girls to change their world with two wheels.” We hope to enable women to create change in their communities, with the upcoming World Bicycle Day 2021 (June 3rd) which includes the key event, Pedal to Empower a global cycling event (June 5th).

At Bikmo, we have some incredible women on the team and they are at the heart of our business. So we decided as our first event with 1% For The Planet and World Bicycle Relief, we would set a team challenge to raise money for Women on Wheels.

The Challenge

The goal is for the Bikmo Strava Club to achieve 100,000m (or 328,084ft) of vertical ascent between the 1st and 14th June 2021. We have set an initial target to raise £2,500 and Bikmo will contribute £1,250 to kick start it. Our team will get to work on raising the rest of the funds and you can also donate over on our fundraising page. For a limited time, every gift will be matched, doubling the impact.

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Why are we doing it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged women world-over, but even more so in developing countries, as gender disparities have noticeably increased. Women and girls need our support more than ever, as we start to rebuild our countries and communities. With this in mind, WBR is hoping to empower 8,000 women through Women on Wheels: changing their worlds with new bicycles.

World Bicycle Relief is committed to helping communities in developing countries survive – and thrive – on two wheels. Often distance is an obstacle when attending school, delivering food provisions or receiving vital medical and health services. As a result, WBR aims to help individuals gain independence in their daily lives. They provide bicycles for people in need: medical professionals, entrepreneurs and students. This mobility can be life-changing in some cases. 

Our fundraising efforts translate to an estimated 20 bikes that will be offered to women in WBR countries. Empowering them on a daily basis. Having two wheels can be transformative for many women and girls, and it’s our mission to help them truly thrive.

Bikmo ambassador Julia Hobson says: 

“Mountain biking has been a huge part of my life, and I know just how much cycling can benefit our physical and mental wellbeing. It has helped me cope through the most difficult time of my life, led to new friendships, and enriched my life immeasurably. It’s awesome to see women becoming more empowered and realising how strong and resilient they are through their biking adventures. I hope I can continue to help as many women as possible to discover this for themselves.”

There are also 25 WBR Women on Wheels ambassadors including athlete and mother Laura King, body-positivity icon Iresha Picot and Bonnie Tu, the founder of Liv Cycling. 

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Julia at our brand photoshoot

How to get involved

The highlight of the campaign is the Pedal to Empower event (5th June, worldwide) which is the perfect opportunity to get involved. To celebrate World Bicycle Day, get your bike out and pedal to empower and uplift women all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you cycle around your neighbourhood or strive for your personal best. Sign up for WBR’s annual ride, donate and impact women’s lives internationally.

Head over to our Bikmo Strava Club and Women on Wheels fundraising page now. Will we beat our target?