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Pledging our way to a sustainable lifestyle


Inspired by our recent B Corp certification, we’ve decided to start making a difference in our personal lives too by joining Do Nation’s pledge platform. 

Do Nation enables and motivates individuals and businesses to start making sustainable lifestyle changes. They have loads of actions to choose from. Ranging from eating seasonal foods to travelling actively. Most of them are super easy and you won’t even notice a difference to your lifestyle.

All you have to do is click on the action you’d like to pledge and Do Nation will work out how much CO2 you’ll save as a result. We’re aiming to stop 3,318kg of CO2 from entering our atmosphere over the next 2 months alone!

How we’re going to do it

We’ve signed up as a company, but we’ve all made individual pledges which contribute to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Check some of them out below:

jonny image

Me (Jonny), Partnerships

Pledge: Do more

CO2: 1kg

‘Within the next two months, I pledge to encourage 20 people to Do and make their own.’

james image

James, Customer Experience

Pledge: On yer bike

CO2: 54kg

‘I pledge to switch from petrol to pedal power 2 times a week over the next two months. I usually travel by car, and these journeys are roughly 9 miles.’

You can follow our Instagram account @ridebikmo to find out what the rest of the Bikmo team are pledging over the next couple of months. We’ll be sharing some images and videos to inspire others to start swapping bad habits for sustainable ones in their everyday lives.

Get involved

If you work in a business or would like to start making some positive changes to your lifestyle, sign up to Do Nation and start pledging. It’s super simple to get yourself and your colleagues signed up, you could even make a leaderboard to see who’s doing the most… we all love some healthy competition!