Impact Report 2022


“Normal” years seem to be in short supply this decade, and 2022 certainly continued the trend of the COVID years in terms of uncertainty. 

We tried to keep the wheels rolling and further invested in projects that promote safe and sustainable cycling. We deepened connections with local organisations and partnerships to support cycling infrastructure and advocacy. 

Another exciting part of last year was our recertification as a B Corp, growing our score from 84.0 in 2019 to 96.7 in 2023, showing how far we’ve come in terms of our focus on the wider topic of sustainability. Becoming a B Corp is not the end point – we are in for the long ride. 

We use our annual Impact Report as a tool to hold us to account. It’s an honest and transparent way of reviewing our sustainability goals for last year, what went well and what didn’t. We’re measuring more than ever before, so you’ll find new data points and initiatives all supporting our mission to protect the world’s riders and the places we ride within the report.

Despite not accomplishing all the goals we established at the beginning of the year, which is expanded on in the report, we remain committed to listening, learning, and setting fresh goals to enhance our business. You’ll find an overview of our 2023 targets in the report too.

Check out the full report below, and we’d like to hear your feedback, whatever you think. Email us at support@bikmo.com with your thoughts.