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Can you get a carbon fibre bike repair?


Carbon Fibre has become one of the most desirable materials for performance cyclists. It’s ultra-lightweight, extremely strong, spectacularly stiff and owns the ability to be repaired by a carbon fibre bike repair specialist. As a versatile material, it can be hydroformed into various tube shapes and thicknesses.

The use of carbon fibre has increased in the last couple of decades. Ultimately coming from a better understanding of the material by the designer. 

Carbon fibre doesn’t succumb to high temperatures if composed at over 3,000 degrees Celsius. Its tightly formed carbon atoms create the structure, which are then bonded together in microscopic crystals, and this is where the strength comes from. Using other glue-like materials adds additional strength to the carbon composite used for bikes and removes the ‘brittle’ feature of untouched carbon fibre. 

carbon bike damage

Carbon fibre bike damage

Making memories adventuring on your bike is life-changing. Don’t let damage to your bike steal those memories. Consider a repair completed by an expert and essentially providing a ‘new’ area on your bike, making it as strong, if not stronger. 

Carbon has become one of the most reliable and desirable materials used for performance bikes. But it doesn’t remove the fact that it can still be damaged. Whether that be in a crash, the bike falling over, or even being crushed on a roof rack. It happens… and we aren’t short of stories. 

Although, with it being such a mouldable material, it can often be repaired – depending on the extent of the damage. With the correct materials, tools, and a trusted expert, the bike or equipment can fill you with confidence and adventure again. 

carbon bike for repair

Carbon fibre bike repair

To repair carbon fibre damage, the frame or area will be sanded down, removing the damaged carbon, then the area will be cleaned up, and new additional layers of carbon fibre added seamlessly around the area – in a wrapping structure. Unfortunately, it does tend to come at a high cost as the experts able to perform the repair are highly trained, with specialist equipment. 

However, if you have cycle insurance – they’ll often cover the repair cost if you opt for it. After all, it would be a shame to waste a superb bike over repairable damage. We know the sentimental value that bikes hold in our lives. 

carbon bike damage to top tube frame

Our chosen carbon fibre repair experts 

With countless success stories and content customers, we are huge fans of ‘Carbon Bike Repair’ and ‘Target Composites’. Two of our most trusted expert repairers. They repair the carbon bike frame damage and inspect the damaged area using non-destructive testing for detection and can offer paint refreshing while your bike is there with colour matching. 

carbon damage to the rear hanger of frame

Accidental damage claims 

When a claim comes through for accidental damage, if it’s unclear that the damage to the frame is structural, we’ll often send it to our partners Carbon Bike Repair or Target Composites, for an assessment. We need to be certain it’s safe for you to continue riding. This might take some extra time, but it gives you peace of mind when getting back in the saddle. A little bit of enforced recovery never harmed anybody after a crash.

Once we have the report, we will discuss it with you and give you some options. If the frame is damaged and needs repairing, we’ll offer you to have it repaired or the option to replace it with a new frame. 

We will never force anyone to choose the repair option. But we also understand that bikes can hold a high sentimental value. If it’s possible to preserve your frame, we don’t want to take that value away from you. It’ll be your decision.

Not insured? Check out our cycle insurance policies and consider protecting your bikes.

carbon bike repair section on rear triangle of the frame

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