Bikmo's Bike Theft Map Bikmo's Bike Theft Map Bikmo's Bike Theft Map

Bike Theft Map by Bikmo


Our new bike theft map is a heatmap shows bike thefts in England and Wales. It shows a live table of the worst and safest areas for bike theft. So, cyclists can now view theft trends in their local areas and identify hotspots of reported incidents.

Helping riders to make more informed choices about where to safely lock their bikes, our new tool aims to reduce overall theft; something which is of increasing concern to new and returning riders during the Pandemic.

Commenting on the launch of our new bike theft tracker, Bikmo’s Founder David George said:

“As more and more people begin to realise the many benefits of cycling during the Pandemic, it is only natural that fears around bike theft will rise. We are proud to today unveil a brand new public tool. Allowing riders across the country to view annual bike theft rates in their local area and identity hotspots where crimes are being reported. The new tool will be regularly updated to provide an ongoing resource to members of the public. We hope this will be useful to the fast growing number of riders, and help increase awareness in high-risk areas.”

Give Bikmo’s Bike Theft Map tool a go yourself. See how many bike thefts there have been near you over the past 12 months.