Bikmo Bike Shop Insurance is open for business!


We are excited to announce the launch of Bikmo Bike Shop Insurance. A brand new product and service designed exclusively for cycle retailers looking for a personal and specialised approach to business insurance.

This announcement follows over a year of hard work to create a policy that packs a punch, but doesn’t break the bank. During this time we have delved deep into the world of a modern-day bike shop by working with current retailer partners. Getting to grips with the services they offer, the biggest worries faced by bike shops, and to hear candid views on where existing solutions are falling short.

The end result is a product that provides premium protection for the modern-day bike shop, combined with expert advice to ensure the policy is configured to fit the client. Our policy is underwritten by Hiscox, who underwrite our cycle insurance. We know first-hand that Hiscox is a reliable insurer we can depend on to support our clients when things go wrong, and are committed to work with us to continually improve.

Ben Frith, Bikmo’s Commercial Insurance Manager, commented on the launch:

“In an increasingly commoditised insurance landscape I’ve heard first-hand how it has become an uphill grind for bike shop owners to find a comfortable insurance fit. In insurance, confidence and trust are everything – that comes from the human touch – we will guide you through the options at your chosen pace. We have put in the hard graft to build this new product, and we are proud of its compelling features, but above all I am excited by the door it opens to delivering long-term gains for bike shops everywhere.”

At the heart of our service is insurance advice and support 100% tailored to bike shops, and not available from generic business insurers or brokers. Bikmo commits to invest our time and expertise into understanding the business, ensuring the cover proposed fits the services provided, and help bike shops pay less for insurance through improved risk management.

‘CoverFit’ is our groundbreaking insurance fitting service, unique to Bikmo. Our expert, Ben, will guide bike shops through the increasingly mystical components of a high-performance policy, all aimed towards providing bike shops with a personalised insurance proposal designed around the business.

Commenting on the announcement, Bikmo CEO Dave George said:

“Bikmo has a history of supporting bike shops. Since launching Bikmo cycle insurance in 2014 we’ve helped hundreds of retailers to protect their customers’ bikes and putting money into their tills through our partner claims replacements scheme. Offering bike shop business insurance feels like a natural move for us, and we hope that it will help give retailers around the country more confidence and resilience to do what they do best.”

Our Bike Shop Insurance launch marks our first major product launch since opening Bikmo for Business, which is our specialist commercial insurance service exclusively serving the cycling sector.

To find out more about Bikmo Bike Shop Insurance, including to request a quote for your bike shop, visit