Bikmo's Bike Theft Map Bikmo's Bike Theft Map Bikmo's Bike Theft Map

2021 data added to Bike Theft Map tool


Bikmo’s Bike Theft Map now features reported bike thefts across England and Wales in 2021. We released the free tool last year and are committed to providing riders an easy way to see the amount of thefts in their local area.

The open data comes from the police which we harness to provide an easy to use tool that can compare the bike theft levels in two different cities within seconds. And our aim with this remains unchanged; helping riders make more informed decisions and working towards reducing theft.

Commenting on our Bike Theft Map 2021 update, Bikmo’s CEO David George said:

‘’In our mission at Bikmo to protect the world’s cyclists, we’re focussed on being proactive – not only putting riders back on a bike when theirs is stolen but educating our customers and community about the risks in their area and what they can do to reduce them so they can continue enjoy their ride.

‘’The Bike Theft Map is a key part of that mission and after seeing how popular the 2021 map was with customers, riders across the UK, and the Police Force alike, I’m proud that we’re continuing to invest in a great tool to support riders across the UK.”

Mark Cleland, UK Cycle Crime Lead for British Transport Police said:

‘’It is promising to see cycle crime reducing despite the huge uptake in bike sales over the last 2 years. With the launch of the national double lock it campaign to encourage bicycle owners to secure and register their bikes both at home and away and more cycle crime reduction partnerships being implemented in towns and cities across the UK to tackle crime, it is all contributing towards supporting our cycling communities.

‘’Of course there are still cycle crime hotspots that we’re focussing our attention on and we are working with organisations such as Gumtree and the Bicycle Association to disrupt organised crime.’’

Follow the link below to get access to our free tool.