Cycle Insurance

Policy Benefits

Cover for your bikes

Comprehensive cover for all levels of riders from beginner to when n+1 gets out of hand


No one wants their prized custom build or commuter bike to be stolen. It happens though, and that’s why we’re here. Just make sure you comply with our locking requirements, it’s the main reason for a claim to unfortunately be declined.

Accidental Damage

Take a tumble on a gnarly downhill, or a bend too quickly on a damp road! Everyone crashes, even the pros. Our policy covers you for accidental damage to your bike and components, so you can get back up and keep on riding.

50% multi-bike discount

How many bikes should you own… n + 1? Correct. So we offer up to 50% discount on the bike value you leave at home while out riding the other, which means you don’t need a separate policy for each.

90 days worldwide

Planning to take a trip to the Alps? we wish we were coming too! Whether you’re exploring the trails or tarmac, you’ll have the same level of cover for your bike and kit as you do in the ROI.


Seems unlikely, but if anyone gets a touch of the green-eyed monster and damages your pride and joy, we’ll cover you for that too.

Family cover

If you dare let your pride and joy out with a family member who lives with you, then they’ll be covered. Simple.

Emergency cycle hire

Airline trashes your bike on route to the Etape or you take a spill exploring foreign roads; if your bike’s damaged or stolen, we’ll cover a temporary hire bike up to €500 or the cost of your claim (whichever is lesser), so you can focus on your tan lines. Phew!

Cover for your kit

We know you can wear as much value as the bike so ride so we include a lot of kit related benefits as standard.

Clothing + Headgear

Looking the part, protecting yourself for trails, or being fully kitted for your Triathlon, doesn’t come cheap, so our policies include cover for your clothing and headgear against accidental damage and theft. You get a minimum of €250, or 10% of your total insured bike value, as standard. So if your bikes are worth €4000, that’s €400 of cover!


Gadget geek? We cover accessories attached to your bike as standard, so items like your Garmin, lights and panniers are included. You get a minimum of €250, or 10% of your total insured bike value, as standard. So if your bikes are worth €5000, that’s €500 of cover! *Battery life and electronic malfunction not included.

Bike box cover

Bike adventurers need to protect their ride. If your bike box is damaged or stolen at the same time as your bike, you get €500 minimum bike box cover included with your Bikmo policy, or 10% of your total insured bike value, if that’s greater. So if your bikes are worth €8000, that’s €800 of cover! Go explore!

Cover for you

Our mission is to enable you to ride more so you need to be protected.

Returning home cover

Call the broom wagon! If you’re out riding or on your commute, and suffer from accidental damage or theft, we’ll cover the cost of your transport home up to €150.

Event + race cover

Whether you’re trying your first sportive, aiming for a triathlon PB or hitting the DH scene, there’s cover for you.

Sportive/gran fondo/audax cover

The most popular types of rides from beginner to expert are covered as standard with our policy.

MTB + gravel cover

Prefer the mud and trails over tarmac? No problem. All off-road MTB, cyclo-cross and gravel events and races are covered as standard on our policy.

Triathlon cover

If just the bike isn’t enough and you run and swim too, then we cover triathlon and duathlon as standard with our policy, including wetsuits and transition area theft cover.

Time Trials + other races

With so many disciplines, we can’t list them all. So whether it’s a local club TT, a BMX meet or track league at the velodrome, provided it’s not a road race, circuit race or crit, you’ll be covered on our policy.

Event fee cover

Gutted to miss your competition through injury or a crash? We know how it feels, so we provide €500 cover for many types of events.

Other key benefits

Built for you – here are the extras you get as standard with Bikmo that you don’t pay any extra for.

Excess free claims option

We love local. That’s why we offer excess-free claims, through our local retailer network. If your claim’s settled as cash, there’s an excess of €40 or 10% of the claim value, whichever is greater.

24/7 Cloud account

You’re in control. Make changes to your bike values, access claims and benefits 24/7 with your Bikmo Cloud Account. Even works on the trail through your smartphone.

0% monthly payments

We won’t charge you to split your payments across the year, so maybe a new wheelset is in order? Lighter, faster and all that.

Bike geekline

We provide service as fast as we ride. Every team member at Bikmo is a bike geek and we only do cycle insurance. Contact Keith and his team for a personal, bike-only chat!