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Open Project – Cycling Claims 2021


Bikmo’s Open Project provides you with a glance of our claims data to let you know what types of claims are coming through to us and how often. As the impact of the pandemic continued to grow in 2021, so did our need for bikes. 

Claims grew by 26% and we protected more of the world’s riders, continuing our purpose to deliver exceptional insurance and experiences to you. 

Take a look at our claims breakdown below and if you’re still on the fence about how our cycle insurance can help you, take a look at our benefits.

Home and Away Claims

The percentage of claims being made away from home has reduced in 2021. Bikes are still clearly more at risk when away from home.

Types of Claim

Theft claims represented a smaller proportion of our total claims in 2021 compared to 2020, falling from 68% to 53%. Accidental damage makes up 40% (up from 28% the year before) demonstrating the importance of insurance for unexpected accidents.


Over 65% of our claim payouts were for bikes and gear under €500. 15% of our claims were for bikes and gear over €1,000. Two vastly different categories of cyclists, from those who want to stay protected to and from work to riders that have eyes set on their local KOM. We’re here to protect all riders whichever way they wish to ride.

Did you know? You can insure a bike worth €500 or less for just €5.00/mo with Bikmo. 

Items replace during claims

So what exactly are people claiming for? It’s not just bikes that are covered. In fact, 48% of claimants in 2021 claimed for components, clothing and accessories rather than their full bike. We often forget that components, clothing and accessories add up in value. 

Claims split between cycling disciplines

The majority of claims came from road cycling and commuting. Commuting were up significantly from 2020’s data, showing more people are returning to offices or have chosen to find a more environmentally friendly way of getting to work. .

Month by month claims

In 2021, we saw a steady start with an increase to claims made in May that maintained through to November. This is fairly typical of what we’d class as the cycling season where more riders get outside when the weather warms. Last year’s data bucked the trend with lower claim volumes in the first half of the year.

Our 2022 claim expectations

The continued growth of e-bikes will no doubt mean we see more claims for them in 2022. As we as riders now also feel confident in riding across continents and joining our clubmates in Mallorca training camps, we also expect that gap between home and away to widen even more.

The cycling landscape is forever changing and so is our claim data. But one thing remains; Bikmo’s mission to protect riders and get them back up and running if the worst ever happens.