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Specialist cycle retail insurance designed
with bike shops, for bike shops, by the bike insurance experts


Tailored for Bike Shops
We worked closely with our bike shop partners to design the ultimate insurance product for bike shops – get the right fit for your business.
Top-rated underwriter
We understand that the value of a product comes only from the response from the insurer when you suffer a loss – we trust Hiscox and you can too.
Advice from our experts
Our team will invest the time demanded to make sure your hard-spent premium gets you the cover you need, ensuring that you can be confident in its value.
Tailored for Bike Shops
We worked closely with our bike shop partners to design the ultimate insurance product for bike shops – get the right fit for your business.
Top-rated underwriter
We understand that the value of a product comes only from the response from the insurer when you suffer a loss – we trust Hiscox and you can too.
Advice from our experts
Our team will invest the time demanded to make sure your hard-spent premium gets you the cover you need, ensuring that you can be confident in its value.


Comprehensive insurance for your bike shop or retail business

Your Unique Liability Risk

Bike shops are not like other shops. It’s crucial that your insurer recognises this from the start, avoiding eye-watering cover potholes when it comes to public and products liability.

Business Interruption

When unexpected events threaten to derail your business we can help keep the show on the road – it could be a loss at your site, in your neighbourhood or at your suppliers.

Your Precious Goods

You may have forgotten what normal stock levels look like. Shortages aside, be confident that your most valuable assets are covered against theft and damage, whether they’re on the shop floor, or in the clamp.

Employers’ Liability

More than just a legal necessity, we get that you’ll want to be confident that protection is in place should your staff suffer on your watch.

Demo & Hire

The policy is designed to reflect a trading reality for bike shops, sometimes you have to trust that your bikes will be off-site and out of sight, but out of sight shouldn’t mean uninsured.

Do You Deliver?

Whether you are fulfilling online orders via third party couriers, or returning a regular’s serviced bike – be covered for goods in transit.

Coaching, Fitting & Advice

Offering training courses or bike fitting services for a fee opens your business up to professional negligence losses, our product plugs this precarious gap.

Risk Management Rewards

We’ve tailored a risk management programme with Hiscox’s underwriters to make those savvy improvements to security or staff training investments even more worthwhile.

Top-rated underwriter

We’ve worked with Hiscox for years, and we trust them to be there at your time of need.
Our bike shop insurance underwriter


Hiscox have over 100 years of experience in speciality risk, including ocean liners and inter-planetary probes, so are perfectly positioned to cover your bike shop.


What information will you need to get a quote?

You should be able to trust that we understand the ins and outs of your shop.

There will of course be mandatory information that we must know in order to provide a full and fair presentation of your business to insurers – company fundamentals, premises details, stock levels, employee numbers.

However, the better we understand your business the better we can tailor your policy and our advice, we may end up asking you more than you’ve been asked before, but its all because we have a determination to deliver the most suitable solution for you. We’d love to spend an hour getting under the skin of your shop and helping improve your cover confidence, this is why we have built our CoverFit service.

Find out more about CoverFit here

We’ll work around you and your availability as much as possible to compile the information we need to ensure you are getting the best value insurance proposition.

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What’s different about Bikmo?

Cycling is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re heavily invested in the continued success and development of the cycling retail sector – its vitally important to us that you can trust your insurance cover in order that you can concentrate on keeping your community of cyclists equipped to keep riding.

We share your enthusiasm for bikes and are determined to provide exceptional service alongside our tailored product that is refreshingly different and unrivalled by traditional insurance companies.

Our support for local cycle retailers extends to our 2023 goal to put over 25% of value back into local cycle retailers through our claims channel.

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We have insurance – what’s different about Bike Shop Insurance?

Bike Shop Insurance is trade specific, designed to perform where generic business insurance falters.

Not all insurance products are built equal.

Many bike shops are insured on restrictive off-the-shelf retail products simply because their broker doesn’t have access to anything more suitable. With clever marketing, you can not even be aware that you are insured on a standard retail product until you delve a little deeper.

These standard retail products are designed to cater for as wide a cross-section of the traditional high street as possible, the quirks of a bike shop will stretch these products beyond design.

Don’t settle for a fixed-gear solution, speak to the experts to get Bike Shop specific support.

How standard retail products could be stretched beyond design
What’s your top tip for bike shop owners?

Stay one step ahead of the criminals.

With valuable bikes in stock, your shop will be an attractive destination for would-be criminals. Stay proactive in your approach to removing opportunity from opportunists, and in stopping career criminals from making your shop the next calling point on their record.

We’ve put together a handy guide for managing your bike shop’s security.

More about Bike Shop security
Do we need Business Interruption cover?

Almost certainly, and it’s important to take time in setting the right limits.

We suspect that the main reason you are buying insurance for your bike shop is because you want to ensure that you can keep the doors open regardless of what unexpected challenges are thrown your way.

Business interruption insurance is designed to support your business cope during prolonged periods of suspended or reduced trading – this may be following a major event outside of your control.

You may be wholly reliant on business interruption cover to help you through chaotic periods triggered by major events, and you may find that you need this support for a longer than you may initially think.


Our handy guide to Bike Shop BI
Why are recommended liability limits so high?

Life-changing injuries can result in eye-watering losses.

In an increasingly litigious society there will always be a risk to your business should your negligent actions or inaction be alleged to have caused injury or financial harm.

The cause of such an injury may appear innocuous but the effects can be life-changing and expenses can pile up rapidly. The injured party may require specialist and costly care for the remainder of their life, or their injuries may mean they need to call time on a prestigious career, foregoing substantial future earnings.

From small incidents significant claims do occur, no business big or small is immune from the potential fallout. This is the key reason why we’ll recommend you opt for the highest liability limit you can reasonably afford, why limits of £5m and £10m are increasingly becoming the norm even for small businesses.

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How much cheaper will our premium be?

The best cover can sometimes cost a little extra – but not always.

We’ve put in the hard graft to ensure that we can be confident in delivering a competitive premium, however we are here to provide the most suitable cover solution which will not necessarily always be the cheapest.

Our core priority will be to help you get the very best from your budget and we’ll never be afraid to tell you if we believe you need to invest a little bit more to better protect you and your business.

Its always good to have in mind what your maximum spend is for your shop’s insurance, that way we can work backwards to recommend the most comprehensive solution that can be afforded within your budget – we can provide a view of what reductions can achieve savings and put you in firmly in the driving seat for a cover versus spend review.

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Will we be rewarded for taking steps to reduce our risk?

Yes, it’s worth investing in those improvements.

With all the will in the world we’ll never be able to prevent claims from occurring, however we can support you in taking steps to reduce the likelihood, frequency and severity of losses.

We’ve created a reward structure alongside our insurer, designed to help you identify the most significant risk contributors and encourage you to consider insurer-recognised improvements which can make a notable difference.

Find out more about risk management
Will we have to pay the premium up front?

No – we are pleased to be working with Hiscox to provide 0% Direct Debit for all cycle retailers.

The Direct Debit is managed by Hiscox – there are no premium finance providers to get to grips with.

Hopefully this will be a welcome relief to your cash flow.

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Get things started

Arrange a callback or a video call at a time to suit you – a great way to get to know us, ask us those burning questions, and start you on the pathway towards top notch insurance for your shop.

Introducing CoverFit

CoverFit is Bikmo’s groundbreaking insurance fitting service engineered exclusively for bike shops.

Whether your renewal is due within the next few days or not for a few months, speak to our expert advisors for a personalised insurance proposal designed around your business.

Online fact find

We know it can be hard to find a spare moment when you are not talking to customers or swimming in grease.

Whenever you find time to focus on your insurances, wherever you happen to be, you can use our carefully crafted online fact find to kickstart the quote process.
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Not ready?

If your policy renewal date isn’t up for a bit, register your current policy renewal date and we’ll get in touch nearer the time.


    The Bikmo team is made up of people who love bikes, the outdoors, and protecting our planet for future generations. By focussing our insurance expertise on cycling and mobility, we feel very lucky to work with businesses that share our values.
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