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6 ways delivery riders can beat winter


6 ways delivery riders can beat winter

The weather has taken a turn over the past few weeks with lots of wind, rain, and even snow in places. We’ve decided to put together some useful hacks for riders delivering by bike during the cold winter months.

Check out all of the hacks below, which will help keep you warm and safe out there.

1. Pogie your way to warmth

One thing every cyclist hates is cold hands, and there’s nothing better to keep your mitts warm than a pair of bike pogies.

All you have to do is attach them to your bars, slip your hands in and off you go! Unlike gloves you also get full grip of your brakes and gears which can become tricky to operate when you get cold hands.

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2. Layer up

Just like your hands, you’ll find that your feet get cold and numb without the right protection, and they’re super difficult to warm up whilst riding. The solution: overshoes

They’ll keep your toes warm and dry throughout winter, it’s definitely a must for riders who are out delivering for long periods in bad weather.

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3. Cap it

Did you know that you can lose up to 10% of your body heat through your head? That’s why, as well as your hands and feet, you need to keep your head nice and warm. If you’re finding yourself getting brain freeze then try using a skull cap to fit beneath your helmet.

Top tip – lookout for the caps which have added protection for your ears so then you’ll be super warm on those chilly rides.

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4. Light up your life

With winter comes darker nights and you’ll be riding in the dark before 6 pm! Keep yourself safe out there by making sure other road users can see you, and that you can see the road in front of you if you’re delivering in unlit areas.

Your local retailer can help with light advice based on where you’ll be riding but we’d recommend not going too budget and getting a high-quality pair of lights, one for the front and one for the rear. Some lights also emit light to the side which helps – the brighter you are out there the better.

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5. Save the ass

The worst thing about riding in the rain? It has to be feeling the spray of road muck hitting your back after a long day in the saddle. Thought those expensive mudguards were your only option? Think not! The next best thing has to be an ass saver.

This little contraption sits on your saddle and stops the niggling spray on your back (although cyclists following your wheel might not be happy!). We also think they look pretty good compared to other mudguards out there.

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6. Warm up those mitts

This is one of our favourites for sure. Using hand warmers on those really cold days will stop you struggling to open your bag at the restaurant or the customer’s house.

This little device can be pushed into a glove, sock, or wherever you might need a little heat on a cold day. Don’t forget to purchase the reusable hand warmers to reduce waste – they’re also more economical.

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We care about our courier network

We hope these tips are helpful. Bikmo is proud to support Deliveroo riders with free and inclusive rider accident insurance for all.