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The best wooden and metal bike sheds 2023 from an insurer’s perspective


Keeping your bikes locked securely at home is essential to ensure your cycle insurance policy remains valid. Only some have the luxury of having enough usable space indoors or in a garage to store their bike(s). So a secure outdoor wooden or metal bike shed is the next best option.

Bicycle storage sheds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials including wooden, metal and plastic – with varying levels of security too. It’s important to know what to look for when deciding on the best and most secure bike shed to buy.

In this blog we outline the different types of outdoor bike storage sheds, why you should get one and even how to build a bike shed of your own.  

wooden bike shed with bicycle outside

Why get a bike shed?

Apart from the obvious security benefits of keeping your bike locked in a shed. It will also act as a good defence to the weather if you do have to leave it outside of your house or garage. 

A garden bicycle shed is not a completely weatherproof solution, however, especially a wooden one. If you’re asking yourself, will my bike rust in the shed? The answer is, maybe, if you don’t look after it properly. Covering it up, and keeping it clean,  dry and regularly serviced will help prolong the good condition and running of your bike. 

Which is the best bike shed for insurance purposes?

For your Bikmo insurance policy to remain valid, your bike must be stored in a lockable wooden or metal shed, within the boundaries of your home, and be accessible only by you or your guests. 

This means a shared bike lockup in a block of flats wouldn’t be covered, but a shed in your front or back garden would be. The shed must also be secured to the ground and immovable, and you can increase the security within the shed by adding ground anchors to lock your bikes to as well as locking the shed itself. 

Unfortunately a plastic bike shed would not meet our definition of “home” and is not covered.

At Bikmo we consider each bike shed on an individual basis due to the huge range of bike storage options (and levels of security) on the market. So, it’s always best to call or email us to discuss your specific circumstances. 

6x2 shed plastic bicycle storage
Plastic sheds are unfortunately not covered under insurance

Wooden bike sheds

Wooden bike sheds are the more environmentally friendly option out of plastic, wooden or metal. If  you’re going for aesthetics, a wooden bicycle shed is always more pleasing to the eye.

You can customise the look of your wooden outdoor bicycle shed by painting it to complement the rest of your garden, and add additional security with locks, hooks and shelves to store and lock your bikes, helmets and kit tidily inside. 

The downside of a wooden bicycle shed is the risk of weather getting in. They’re not all completely watertight, and many are not as secure as you think. 

What to look out for when choosing a wooden bike shed

Avoid overlapping cladding. It tends to be thin, unfinished, and not very strong or weatherproof. Because of this, the wood is likely to warp over time, affecting not only the security of the shed, but the protection of your bikes from the weather outside.

Look for tongue and groove cladding. It is much more ‘weathertight’ and secure, as well as being less likely to warp over time. 

Choose a strong, thicker frame and hinges on the inside of the door. To prevent thieves from breaking the wood or simply unscrewing the hinges to pull open the door! 

6x2 shed wooden bicycle shed

Best wooden bike sheds

Good quality, high security wooden bike sheds do come at a price, but what price can you really put on the guaranteed security of your pride and joy? At the top end of the scale, the best brands for the most secure wooden bicycle sheds are Power Sheds, or Pedalbase and Spokeshed sheds, the latter two can be found on the Bike Shed Company website. 

We’ve listed our top picks below:

Bike Shed Company sheds

For a premium, top of the range bicycle shed, head to the Bike Shed Company. These sheds are hand built with sustainable UK grown timber and the highest quality components for maximum security.

Power Apex Shed – RRP from £524

For a high quality wooden bicycle shed in the mid-range pricing, the Power Shed Apex would be our top pick. These sheds are highly adaptable, made from high tongue and groovegrade timber, and come with a free 10 year guarantee against timber rot, decay or insect infestation. Plus, you can get a sneak peek of how your new shed will look in your garden using the augmented reality app on your phone. 

Pedalbase 3 – RRP from £1920
The Pedalbase 3 stores upto three adult bikes and features a shackless padlock and internal anchor point to secure them to. Also available in a bigger model, Pedalbase 5. 

Spokeshed 3 – RRP from £2280
The Spokeshed 3 also stores upto three adult bikes with the same shackless padlock and internal anchor as the Pedalbase, but it’s taller and the added height gives room for a deep shelf for extra storage. Also available in a bigger model, Spokeshed 5. 

Metal bike sheds 

Metal bike sheds typically offer higher security out of the box than wooden sheds, and are more secure overall compared to wooden or plastic. The galvanised steel is highly weatherproof, very durable and low maintenance.

There are some downsides to metal bike storage sheds. They don’t look as nice as the wooden ones, so might not fit with your garden aesthetic. They’re also harder to customise with hooks and shelves than wooden sheds, and they can be really difficult to assemble – but once you’ve got it up, it’s up for good!

6x2 shed metal bicycle shed
6×2 Metal shed

What to look out for when choosing a metal bike shed

Look for thick steel panels. As to be expected, thicker steel panels will translate to higher quality and better security. Anything above the standard thickness of 0.25mm is a good option. 

Ventilation is important. Metal sheds are prone to condensation and rust if not properly ventilated, and this can damage your bikes inside. Check the description of whichever shed you’re buying to make sure it has air ventilation covered, with vents on both sides. 

Door hinges that are hidden inside the shed. Or, attached with security bolts that can’t be unscrewed. 

Best metal bike sheds

There are a few main brands when looking for good quality metal bicycle sheds. As with the wooden shed brands, these high-end storage solutions do come at a price, but are covered by long manufacturer guarantees lasting several years.

We’ve listed our top brands below:

Asgard metal bike sheds from £589

For a top of the range metal bicycle shed offering the highest level of security, look at Asgard. These sheds are police, locksmith and insurance approved. They’re made with thicker metal panels, stronger internal locks and hinges, and integrated metal floors.

Trimetals Bike Storage unit RRP from £799.99

Trimetals is a leading outdoor metal bike storage manufacturer with a 50 year history. The Trimetals bicycle shed is robust and weatherproof, requiring no maintenance. Its spring-assisted lid lifts easily with room for three adult bikes. Two padlocks secure your bikes away and this shed comes with a 25 year panel guarantee. 

How to build a bike shed 

If your bike security budget doesn’t stretch to a good quality metal or wooden bicycle shed, you could build your own custom storage. Or hire someone to do it for you. 

The thing to be aware of when considering building your own is the amount of time and money you’ll invest in the project. To see whether it really does end up being the cheaper (and more secure) option in the long run. 

If you do fancy the DIY approach read of this guide on how to build a DIY bike shed.

building a wooden cycle shed

Need help choosing the best bicycle shed for your Bikmo policy? Chat to us. 

Because of the vast selection of specific wooden, metal and plastic bike storage sheds out there, ranging from very secure to not secure at all. We consider each bike storage shed on an individual basis. If you’re planning on keeping your bikes in storage, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. 

If you’d like to call us, please use 01244 470337 or email us at

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