UK, IE + Global Team

Based in Chester and Innsbruck, our core team work day-in day-out to give the best service to our customers and create great tech and content for you to eat up.

Fuelled with a staple diet of coffee, and all riders (of varying disciplines and skill), we have been seen entering the River Dee from a height after hitting the ramp at Dave’s house on the office BMX.
Dave George Bikmo
Road, MTB, BMX and cyclocross are Dave’s riding favourites, so pretty much all of them. When he’s not out on the bike, he can be found building the Bikmo brand or out in the fresh air with Mrs Bikmo and their cubs.
Jorj Ives Bikmo
Jorj is The Code Guru here at Bikmo. Some say Jorj sees the world as a waterfall of glowing green text, others say he can bend trees away from his handlebars with the power of his mind (though we’re yet to see that one in practice).
Louise Towers Bikmo
Louise has a wealth of experience driving growth within technology focused company’s and when she isn’t driving growth she will be driving her camper van around the Welsh hills with her bike looking for the perfect spot to ride.
Rob Grisdale Bikmo
Global Head of Partnerships
A keen cyclist with a wealth of experience in building strategical B2B relationships, Rob heads up all of the partnerships at Bikmo. He’s earned his cycling badge having completed the Fred Whitton challenge within a week of starting at Bikmo.
Amy Illingworth Bikmo
Head of Insurance Product
Amy is a qualified actuary and insurance geek, with 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry. She loves building insurance products that are useful for adventure lovers, and improving our existing products. Amy lives in the French Alps, where she can ski tour/run/bike every weekend.
Keith Jones Bikmo
Global Head of CX
Thanks to Keith, we’ve certainly earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. As a previous National Champ title holder, it’s only a matter of time before he puts us all to shame out on the road bikes.
Sue Drake Bikmo
Head of Finance
Sue joins the team as our Chief Bean Counter, meaning she’s literally in control of all spending habits at Bikmo. As a roadie + committed cycling commuter, Sue isn’t shy of signing up to a cycling challenge that will push her limits.
Ben Amer
Head of Claims + Buying
Roadie, CX and general bike geek. When he’s not in the office, you can find him falling off ramps in the local skate park, ramping up the mileage in the Yorkshire dales or in the kitchen cooking up a feast.
James Marsh Bikmo
Head of CX UK+IE
James is a pure roadie. If you can’t measure something in watts, he not interested! When not providing awesome customer service at Bikmo, you’re sure to find James hunting down a local KOM or weighing the components of his bike. James loves his asphalt!
Sian Keen Bikmo
Head of Partnerships UK+IE
With her passion for the great outdoors and a solid background in brand partnerships Sian is in charge of our partners as Head of Partnerships UK+IE.
Jamie Fletcher Bikmo
Marketing Executive
Marketing Executive Fletch loves everything two-wheels. With such an intensive training plan, and many hours riding each week, Fletch certainly takes his fuelling seriously. Likely to get his hands in the air many times this year, success is bound to result from all his hard work… and did we mention he likes his food!
Beth James Bikmo
Senior Engineer
Beth spends most of her time within the matrix and handling all things day-to-day in the tech team world of Bikmo. A nerd for many things, Beth is our very own eco warrior encouraging everyone to help save the planet whilst simultaneously growing a vast variety of vegetables.
Ceri Griffith Bikmo
People Operations Specialist
Ceri loves to support people and is an organiser of all things. When she isn’t categorising or colour coding things in the office, you may spot her like the mighty Sasquatch, rambling across various terrains in the great outdoors.
Andy Bleakley Bikmo
Senior Engineer
When he’s not helping out with Bikmo’s systems, Andy can normally be found enjoying the great outdoors. Walking, running, mountain biking or tennis coaching are amongst some of Andy’s favourite activities.
Gemma Roberts Bikmo
Commercial Accountant
Gemma supports our finance team with her wealth of commercial finance experience and a real passion for numbers. Outside the office you’ll find Gemma either out walking or spending time behind her sewing machine. On the trails, Gemma might be slow going up but is fast and fearless coming down.
Steve Jones Bikmo
Head of Salvage
You’ll find Steve on two wheels most days come rain or more rain. An ex road racer who still trains hard every winter for that elusive pro contract. Lots more Gravel adventures planned for the coming year with the Scottish 500 being top of the bucket list. Constantly refuelling beyond his talent, you’ll find him lounging in many a bike cafe.
Jess Hudson Bikmo
CX Agent UK+IE
You’ll find Jess tearing up the tracks and trails or chasing the local QOM’s. If she’s not out riding you’ll find her baking some sweet treats, getting creative or curled up with cup of tea and a good crime documentary. 
Tom Johnson Bikmo
CX Agent UK+IE
Tom loves getting out and about exploring what Chester has to offer. Whether that’s on two wheels or his own two legs, there isn’t much left for him to explore!
Louise Burgoyne Bikmo
Financial Controller
If its about accounting and audits Louise is our person to talk with. But she is by far not only at home in the world of numbers. If Louise is not in the office she loves being outside in nature and spending time with her beloved ones.
Paul Dinter Bikmo
Head of Risk + Compliance
Paul is responsible for all topics related to risk & compliance. Outside of the office, however, you can usually find him with his bike under his feet (and sometimes on his shoulders) somewhere in the mountains. And if there is still some time left, he surprises the office every now and then with one of his famous self-made sourdough breads.
Sian Elmore Bikmo
Executive Assistant
Originally from Sussex, Sian couldn’t resist the call of the Austrian Alps any longer. As Executive Assistant she is now supporting our office between the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck.
Angus King Bikmo
Global Head of Marketing
When not deep in marketing analytics and creative strategies Angus splits his time between gravel paths and tennis courts. Has already heard every Angus cow and burger joke…
Aaron Gardner bikmo
CX Agent UK+IE
You can find Aaron out on his road bike, mountain bike, Trials bike, Jump bike or out wild camping but you will definitely find him outside somewhere. If he’s not outside, he is probably at the cinema or indoor bouldering.
Ryan Bikmo
CX Agent UK+IE
When Ryan’s not providing our customers with exceptional service, you’ll mostly likely find him either programming away somewhere or dabbling in the odd bit of landscaping.
Rianne Bikmo
Data Analyst
Rianne has a passion for numbers and when she isn’t hiking through data spreadsheets you can find her hiking around the Welsh hills with her 2 Huskies.
Helen Bikmo
Finance Assistant
What Helen can’t do with numbers you can write on a stamp. Helen loves to be outdoors and is happiest when she is riding or walking amongst the natural landscape.
Jonathan Bikmo
Finance Assistant
Jonathan enjoys exploring data just as much as he enjoys exploring the outdoors and as a scout leader there is plenty of that.
Josh W Bikmo
Partner Success Manager
When Josh isn’t working on brand partnerships, he lives to be outdoors. From riding his motorbike to growing vegetables down his allotment, he loves to be on the move and be in the sun!
Gary Bikmo
When he’s not making things happen at Bikmo, Gary can be found directing his local parkrun, (still) running around after his grown up kids and squeezing in as many EU city breaks as possible!

Germany + Austria Team

Based around Innsbruck and Munich, the team are dedicated to supporting our German and Austrian customers and partners. Alongside riding trails, tarmac and snow, naturally.
Julian Reitter Bikmo
Head of Partnerships – DE+AT
With a background in working for some of the most exciting bike events in Austria, Julian is all about creating exciting partnerships. Should you not reach him on his phone, try the local ski and bike area Nordkette.
Alex Drexel Bikmo
Head of CX – DE+AT
Growing up among the mountains of Austria, Alex is very familiar with any cycling terrain, whether it’s uphill, downhill or even at full speed through the long valleys accompanied by her trail dog Luna.
Judith W Bikmo
Customer Experience & Partnerships Agent
At home outdoors – With Judith’s background in insurance and sports science, she supports the CX and Partnerships teams as Mc Giver. Originally from the low lands, you can find Judith on the via ferrata, MTB or snowboard in her spare time!

Our dogs

Serif was the office dog for years but now has competition with the team growing.
Serif Bikmo
Jorj’s Dog
Former trail dog Serif has seen many a mountain and loves that feel of a cool wind blowing over her as she takes in the landscape. Serif certainly brightens up our day.
Luna Bikmo
Alex’s Dog
Luna is a super smart Australian Shepherd girl and trail dog in training. When she is not supporting the Innsbruck office, she’s out with Alex exploring nature and enjoying snacks.
Nellie Bikmo
Louise’s Dog
Nellie is a 3 year old rescue dog. She’s a fast runner so definitely has some greyhound in her. Loves to come with us camping, running or on bike rides and enjoys burying bones in the garden.
Cooper Bikmo
Fletch’s Dog
Cooper is a crazy little Border Collie from a farm in Denbigh, Wales. He’s only 17 weeks old, so still in training and learning about the world. This doesn’t stop him from loving a fuss from absolutely anyone willing to give him the attention though.
Sonny Bikmo
Jess’s Dog
Sonny loves nothing more than playing fetch, getting pats and broccoli! Though extremely stubborn, this excitable pup is the Usain Bolt of the dog world!
Tink bikmo
Josh’s Dog
Tink is a one year old sheepdog cross. She loves attention, playing fetch and having a job to do, such as rounding up sheep!

Careers at bikmo

Commercial Product & Underwriting Manager

Chester, UK
We’ve proven demand for commercial insurance services in our sector and we’re looking for the right person to prepare Bikmo for Business for growth. If you have a mix of the skills and attributes listed, then you might be just what we are looking for. Take a look.