Bikmo Keith is somewhat of a cycling deity in our office. His unwavering focus, clean living, impeccable organisational skills, calm but steely determination and genuine niceness makes him impossible not to revere.

With this project, we’re going to firstly give you a glimpse into the life of Keith, so that hopefully you understand why we all want to #BeMoreKeith. Then, one-by-one, we’ll be exposing his secrets to success – in cycling, but also in life.

If you get nothing out of this – we do apologise, but hope you enjoyed reading it. If nothing else, we hope that by the end, you will understand why the team at Bikmo often ask themselves.. ‘what would Keith do?’ when facing life’s challenges.

Meet Keith

Some say he drinks wet lube, and dries himself with torn up old t-shirts.. all we know is he’s called ‘Keith’.

Keith rides.. a lot

Keith gets his base training in mid-week by riding the 35 mile round trip to work every day, whatever the weather. That’s 175 miles per week – over 8,000 miles per year, which is 100 more miles than the average a car does in the UK. During his training, he controls intensity and speed to a strict training plan, and can often be found sprinting between lamp posts on the A540.

On top of the 8,000 mile commute per year, Keith rides for Birkenhead North End Cycling Club, and competes in up to 15 races in any year.

keith jones national champion road cycling

Keith winning the TLI Road National Championship

And Keith wins

You’ll never hear Keith say ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ – he’s always got his eye on the prize. His trophy cabinet includes these golds:

  • Bike Factory Circuit of Saighton – Winner 2007
  • Liverpool Echo Star Trophy – Winner 2011
  • TLI National Road Champion – 2012 and 2013
  • George Darlington Memorial Race – Winner 2013
  • Dave Hinde Series – Winner 2013
  • Port Sunlight Wheelers Criterium – Winner 2014
keiths race board

The new Bikmo race board – most of which are Keith’s!

Keith rides anything

We recently tried to find Keith’s cycling weakness by putting him on a BMX with the kids at Rampworx, but annoyingly he was good at that too. Check out the video below at 0:30 to see him tackling the biggest ramp in the park, within minutes of arriving.

(also check out my really pathetic spill at 0:45 – that’s what happens when I try to keep up with Keith)

Then, the other day he calmly threw into the conversation that he once completed a 10 mile Time Trial on a BMX in less than 30mins! We’re not sure how that came about, but what a legend.

Keith the family man

All his mid-week training means that whilst us humans are escaping the house at the weekend to get a ride in, and refresh after the week – when he isn’t racing, Keith can schedule his quality family time to be a top Dad.

How does he do it?

Watch this space..