The other day I came across a quote from the author H.G Wells that said: “Cycling tracks will abound in Utopia”. This really resonated with me. I like the idea of imagining a Utopia full of amazing bike routes through stunning scenery with a fountain of boutique craft beer that I could just park up next to and drink from in the sun! I was asked by Bikmo to share how cycling brings value to my mental and physical health and a smile to my face on (nearly) a daily basis.

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Cycling is my muse

I make my living as a freelance writer, and inevitably I occasionally fall prey to the dreaded occupational hazard known as ‘Writer’s Block’. The best way to clear the mist is to immediately dress head-to-toe in lycra, grab the Colnago and head for the hills. The blurred landscape and repetition of the pedal stroke somehow act as an inspiration decongestant. I return to my desk brimming with ideas.


Momentum is my soul food

The feeling of going somewhere and moving forward is hugely satisfying. Cycling creates that sensation and every mile that ticks over feels like a small victory towards progress. With every revolution of the pedal is a scenery change and you really feel like you’re on a path to great discovery. I even get this sensation cycling to the shops.

A problem-ridden on is a problem halved

Whether it’s the endorphins from the exercise of the fact that we are obliged to put our phones away for a while, getting on your bike always seems to reduce the anxieties we might be carrying. It clears the mind and brings our focuses onto other things like watching out for potholes, minding the cars or just enjoying the view. It’s also a good way to tire your body out so that you are more likely to get some sleep at the end of the day.


Miles are best shared with friends

I always believed myself to be an exercise introvert. I love running alone and slip in and out of my yoga classes inconspicuously. However, as soon as I know I’m going riding with people, I suddenly turn into this excitable, chatty personality that is so enthusiastic to share everything she sees on a ride with other people. Cycling has made me the team player I never thought I was and built some amazing friendships from it.


After every challenge is a reward

One element of cycling culture that really puts a smile on my face is the fact that at the end of every ride awaits a coffee, brunch, beer or some other kind of delicious incentive. It’s a cyclist pact that if you do the hard work in the saddle, you are entitled to something tasty at the end. This is hugely motivating.

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