Remember the days pre-social media? Me neither. Whilst, it’s not only social media that we use to follow our favourite cycling stars, it is by far the easiest tool to keep up to date with our favourite cycling bods. Whether it’s the pro’s, brands or a personality who’s basically just rockin’ it! Here are our Top 30.

British Cycling – @BritishCycling

As the nations largest cycling organisation and the national governing body for cycle-sport, British Cycling are awesome for an endless list of reasons. They’ve played possibly the biggest part in raising the profile of cycling in the UK to date, with their initiatives, cyclosportives, sponsorships and events, deserving them top spot on our list.

Claudio Caluori – @claudio_caluori

A man of many talents, Claudio Caluori first discovered his passion for MTB at a young age before going on to race competitively in the late 90’s. With a colourful race history, we’re glad he’s still on the racing scene with his infamous and hilariously funny Red Bull Bike/Go Pro race previews.

Check out his latest preview of Red Bull Rampage.

Sophie Radcliffe – @challengesophie

Not least because she’s a member of the Bikmo ambassador team (and we think she rocks) but Sophie is a real advocate for inspiring not only women in sport, but anyone wanting to feel the freedom of living an active lifestyle. Her pictures, videos and stories are inspiring, so well worth a follow.

Sven Martin – @svenmartinphoto

A man who needs no introduction, Sven is one of the most established MTB photographers today. He shoots all sorts of cycling, however concentrates predominantly on gravity and big trail/MTB races.

Check out his Insta for the ultimate in racing visuals.

Strava – @Strava

Basically, if you don’t follow or use Strava, then you’re not a real cyclists (we joke). But really, kudos to Strava as they have certainly raised the bar for cycling, changing the way we ride for the better by giving us all a competitive edge, and more reason to get out there and ride!

Rapha – @rapha

Bringing a fresh standard to cycling clothing, Rapha believe that riders should not have to compromise between performance and style, which is why their pieces go beyond simple function.

Apart from that, they’re also just an awesome brand, who organise great events and initiaites, and have set a high standard for cycling clothing. Take a look here.


Peter Sagan – @petosagan

Is there a cycling fan who hasn’t heard of Peter Sagan? We think not. Arguably one of the most popular athletes going, and a fierce rider in the saddle, Sagan is often compared with some of the greatest cyclists of all time.

With a sense of  humour and determination to boot, he’s made previous admirable comments on this:

“I don’t want to be the second Eddy Merckx, I want to be the first Peter Sagan”

Hizoku Cycles@Hizokucycles

These guys produce hand-screen printed premium cycling clothing and bikes accessories, which are pretty cool. This isn’t why we think you should give them a follow though. You’ll see from their Instagram feed that they love bikes, art and the outdoors, which means that the images they post are often pretty awesome.

Take a look here for yourselves – Hizokucycles Instagram

Darren Roberts (The Real Conehead) – @TheRealConehead

High Performance Manager and former Contributor for Dirt Magazine, Darren is a guy that if you don’t know, you should get to know.

Having trained the likes of Danny Macaskill, Ratboy Bryceland as well as The Athertons during injury, Darren sure knows a thing or two about how to get World class riders back to riding.

Jered Gruber – @jeredgruber

For days when you need reminding about the beauty and joy there is in cycling, check this guy out. His Instagram is full of stunning images taken from the worlds biggest races, as well as the grand travels with his wife Ashley.

Jens Voigt – @thejensie

Anyone who follows Jens on Twitter will know that the former Hour Record holder & everyones favourite German cyclist is quite eclectic when it comes to what he posts. Whether it’s talking about his family, politics, travelling or his opinions on cycling races, he’s sure to keep you entertained, that’s for sure.


Mark Cavendish – @MarkCavendish

Arguably the world’s fastest sprinter, Cav is sure to motivate you to ride more, whilst providing plenty of entertainment and insight into the life of a pro. As well as that, we just get the feeling he’s a nice guy, so give him a follow if you haven’t already.

Jools Walker @LadyVelo

Editor of Lady Velo & Presenter on The Cycle Show, Jools strongly believes in the positives of cycling. Working at Vulpine, Jools goes on some pretty cool trips, which we’re just a tad jealous of.

Vittorio Brumotti – @brumottistar

Italian trials bike master Brumotti is a bit of a big wig when it comes to performing impressive stunts on a road bike. Taking inspiration from the God Father of stunt riding Martyn Ashton, Brumotti will leave you wanting to give some tricks a go for yourselves.

Dan Atherton  – @Dan_Atherton

A guy who needs little introduction, Dan has built a name for himself as not only a great enduro rider, but for his sheer influence in raising the coverage for MTB, all over world.

After building one of the most difficult downhill mountain bike runs ever created, we wonder where his next digging project will take him in 2016?

Hannah Barnes – @hannahbarnes66

MTB rider Hannah is a musical Highlander from Fort William, who likes nothing better than travelling the World competing in Enduro and exploring secret hot-spots with her beloved wheels. Give her a follow, but try not to get too jealous that you don’t live her life!

Reb Bull Bike – @redbullbike

Not that we need to explain just how awesome Red Bull Bike is, giving the worlds most talented and inspiring riders the opportunity to shoot impressive videos, compete in awesome races, take stunning images and generally to spawn more awareness on just how great our sport is.

If you haven’t visited the platform yet, see for yourself today.

David Millar – @millarmind

One of Britain’s most sartorially sophisticated athletes, Millar recently retired from racing, but that isn’t the last we’ve heard from this interesting fella. You can now find Millar creating beautifully understated clothing with Castelli, or publishing books like Racing Through The Dark & The Racer.

Ness Knight – @Ness_Knight

So, what do you do when the average Olympic distance Triathlon isn’t challenging enough? When not even an Iron man challenge is demanding enough for that matter? This is what Ness Knight thought as she took on a 1,500mile triathlon that would see cover the length of Britain three times over. Crazy? Yes we think so. Does that make her pretty damn awesome though? Yes, definitely so.

Clay Porter – @clayporterrules

As one of action sports most visionary and promising Directors, Porter’s influence is cycling is epic. The Steve Peat ‘Won’t Back Down’ film is a shining example of Porter’s work, so if haven’t had the pleasure of watching any productions, we’d definitely recommend familiarising yourself with this one.

The Radavist – @TheRadavist

Based over in the States, The Radavist are a group of individuals who love cycling and the outdoors. They post stunning images and new videos from the brands we all love, and some we don’t know (they are based in the US after all). Check them out here.

Rad + Atavist = RADAVIST

Katie Compton – @KatieFnCompton 

Ranked #1 female Cyclocross racer in the world, and an awesome competitor too. CX is a sport not for the faint hearted, so massive respect to Katie alone for fighting away the competition for as long as she has.

We’d also like to throw in, she once drank a Bikmo coffee prior to racing at the UCI CX World Cup in Milton Keynes, which she went on to fall milliseconds short of in a photo finish end against Sanne Cant. We think that counts for something, right?

GoPro – @GoPro

As a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts, most of us couldn’t really live without our GoPro’s to capture those priceless moments mid adventure with our racing buddies or loved ones.

Well worth the investment, so if you don’t know what you want for Christmas this year, get one on the wish-list.

Tracy Moseley – @tracy_moseley

When it comes to racing, Moseley has done it all, whether it be winning National Champ title, World Cup Champ, World Champ as well as being the current Enduro World Champ too.

She’s a fierce force to be reckoned with, and unfortunately rumours are rife that’s she’s retiring. We hope not Tracy.

Josh Bryceland – @Ratboy_Bryce

A naturally talented rider, Josh Bryceland is as well known for the flair in his personality, as he is for his riding. Mentored by the ultimate downhill legend Steve Peat, we’re always keen to see what Bryceland is up to.

Ed Clancy – @Ed_Clancy

As one of cycling’s biggest names, Clancy played a key part during the Beijing and London Olympic games in leading Britain to victory with the Team Pursuit. As a mean sprinter, we’d love to know his racing secrets.

Manon Carpenter – @ManonCarpenter

A seriously fast rider, we were chuffed to see Carpenter walk away with the Downhill World Champ title last year. Although she didn’t take the overall this year, we’re excited to see where Manon’s career will take her.

Global Cycling Network – @gcntweet

Wanting to improve your bunny-hopping, riding more safely, or genius maintenance secrets, GCN are the guys you need. With insightful videos on becoming better riders, these guys have I’m sure helped us all out as some point.

Danny Macaskill – @danny_macaskill

Danny’s world famous stunts showcase what it’s possible to do on two wheels, often to the disbelief of many viewers we’re sure. Whether it’s riding of bouncing balls or upside down around a loop as seen in Imaginate, or a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline, we’re sure we’ll be spoilt with more impressive riding where Macaskill is concerned.

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