Whether you’re just not sure how robust your lock is, you’re debating a new one, or if you just need a bit of advice on lock security, Sold Secure are the go-to people.

Who? What? Why? How?

Sold Secure are the industry standard for lock and security system testing. With the widest range of products put through stringent testing, pushing them beyond what they’re expected to handle, it’s fair to say they know what makes a good security product.

Testing products and locks for a number of markets, including bicycles, motorbikes, caravans and the home, Sold Secure have been dedicated to reducing the risk of crime since 1992. Formed by Northumbria and Essex Police, and now owned by the Master Locksmith Association, they can be trusted to give impartial, relevant and trustworthy advice.


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So how does their testing translate into practical advice for consumers? By breaking their test results into different rated categories, it allows anyone to make an informed choice and understand the amount of protection a lock is going to give. The three ratings given to bicycle locks are:

Gold Rating

The highest rating given to a bicycle lock, Gold rated locks provide significant protection against most thieves and the tools they’re likely to use. Tested for over 5 minutes being continually attacked, gold rated locks are the ideal choice for high-value bikes and for anyone who frequently leaves their bike in a public place.

Bike value in excess of £1,500 

Silver Rating

As a compromise between value and security, silver rated locks are suitable for short term locking in public places, and are resistant to most basic tools used by thieves.  Silver rated locks are expected to withstand up to 3 minutes of sustained attack.

Bike value between £251 – £1,500

Bronze Rating

Designed to serve as a deterrent to impulse thieves, these are the lowest strength of the three ratings, but still offer protection against some basic tools.

Bike value up to £250

Which Rated Lock Should I Buy?

There are many variables that indicate the type and quality of lock you should get for your bike. Most importantly, it is a requirement of your insurance policy to use a lock that is appropriately rated for the value of your bike. With so much choice available, it’s always worth shopping around for a good deal, as you can often get a Gold rated lock for the same price as a Silver. For more information on locks, check out our Buyer’s Guide for Cycle Locks.

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