Cycling YouTube Channels

Ever found yourself scrolling through endless lists of films and TV shows on Netflix, but there is just nothing that takes your fancy? We’ve all been there…

That’s why we’ve come up with five of the best YouTube channels for cyclists that we think may find interesting. There is plenty of cycling based YouTube content now and lots of great channels, which made it very difficult to pick five!

Whether you’re a keen road cyclist, diehard BMX’er or a gnarly mountain biker, we’ve tried to pick a mixture of channels with plenty of videos to suit every rider.

1. Global Cycling Network

With a mixture of disciplines and a variety of content on a daily basis, it would be hard to not include GCN. There is a reason they have over 1.6 million subscribers on their main channel and whether its bike tech, racing news, bike maintenance, riding tips, nutrition or even training sessions, we can almost guarantee they will have something for you.

Global Cycling Network cycling YouTube channel banner with all their presenters

2. Eurosport

Not all of us have the chance to sit down and watch a full mountain stage, or the last 100km+ of a cobbled Classic. With highlights of almost all of the WorldTour races, Eurosport’s cycling YouTube channel is great if you’re limited on time or if you need to catch up on all the racing action quickly before your next club ride.

Eurosport road race cycling YouTube channel banner

3. Red Bull Bikes

If you’re looking for something a bit more adrenaline inducing, the brand king of extreme sports Red Bull have a channel for everything gnarly in cycling. If you’re into downhill, XC, BMX or anything badass, Red Bull Bikes will have something for you.

Red Bull Bikes extreme sports downhill mountain bike and BMX cycling YouTube channel banner

4. Francis Cade

If you’re interested in travelling, racing, adventures, cool kit and tech to do with bikes, Francis Cade’s vlog has a bit of it all.  If you’re looking for a cool look into a lifestyle based around cycling, his videos are worth a watch. With impressive camera work and drone shots, Francis’ videos are one for the videographers too.

Francis Cade cycling vlogger YouTube channel banner

5. Cycling Pulse

With videos Including interviews with pro riders, several product reviews and all things relating to road cycling, Cycling pulse has a great variety of content. With videos giving you a glimpse into the day to day adventures of the Canyon professional cycling team or insider tips and tricks from former stockbroker Alex Richardson and Team HUUB Wattbike, Their channel gives an interesting insight into the world of cycling.

Cycling Pulse YouTube road racing and cycling channel banner

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