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Victoria, aka Tori joined the Customer Experience team earlier this year to support Keith who shares her adoration for the sport in its entirety. A match made in heaven some would say, and they’re a good part of the reason why we get such gleaming customer reviews.

Not only can Tori give most of us a run for our money on the bike, she lives and breaths the sport off the bike too, supporting the big races like the Tour of Britain and baking goodies for the pros in her spare time. Did we mention she’s an awesome baker too? There really isn’t much not to love about Tori.

First name: Victoria      Surname: Glover      Location: North-East Wales      Background: Law Enforcement & Modern Languages

What bikes do you own?

A Giant Propel Advanced 2 with Ksyrium SLS wheelset and a Cannondale Synapse (winter/training bike)

Favourite ride or trail?

I like going the distance so a good, long ride around North/Mid Wales, Cheshire or Shropshire. As long as I have good company, cafe stops and (hopefully) good weather, I’m happy

Favourite rider?

Either my Man or Muppet Velo Team guys (a riding group based out of Wrexham, North Wales). As for pros/former pros, I’d have to go for the likes of Jimmy Mac, Chris Opie and Jens Voigt

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

When I lived in Switzerland, I used to go to an awesome little cafe not far from the Alps. They did the most amazing coffee, pastries and caracs (a delicious, traditionally Swiss treat)

Coffee of choice?

In my more naive coffee days, I used to enjoy a caramel or dirty chai latte (don’t judge), whereas now I go for a proper, no frills straight up ground coffee

What motivates you about riding?

Cake (I’m a bit of a foodie). That and the social side of it….the scenery….and the sheer enjoyment of riding

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

I have a fair few remixes on my playlists. I draw inspiration from Spin classes at the gym too and the Spotify playlists of various teams/riders

When not riding, where can we find you?

Either at the Bikmo office, working various cycling events, out with friends, at the gym or off on some random adventure

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

The team. Never have I worked with such a great bunch of people who are so driven and committed to what they do whilst simultaneously being a darn right awesome bunch of people

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