Head of People + Sustainability

Originally from Germany, Teresa finally settled in the UK and is now supporting our business at everything related to our employees and the important topic of sustainability.

First name: Teresa       Surname: Irwin      Location: Chester      Background: Coming originally from Germany Teresa had a few stops here and there and finally ended up on the island

What bikes do you own?

A Cannondale Synapse road bike and a Xiaomi QuiCycle foldable e-bike – simply the beste combination of sports and commute…especially if you don’t ride a car and somehow have to get over the 5 miles to work. Additionally I own a blue Raleigh Triumph 3-speed from the 70s, perfect for any ride to the market.

Aspirational bike?

Hm, there would be plenty. Starting with a nice road bike from Canyon, Pinarello or Colnago further on to a nice mountain bike from Orange. Also a touring bike from Genesis would be very nice…

Favourite ride or trail?

North Wales is amazing for biking. No matter if on the road or mountain bike, this region got you covered with everything, starting with those small curvy roads up to bikeparks.

Favourite rider?

For this question I probably would have to pretend as if I know somebody specific…But in general I admire all women that bring cycling closer to women in general. Because there is still a lot to do!

Coffee of choice?

A creamy but not too milky and not too strong Cappuccino. The most important for me is probably the mug, it shouldn’t be too big, nor too thick or too small. I am a bit picky on this.

What motivates you about riding?

The strength you feel when hitting the pedals. Also it’s just such a nice sport everybody can do anywhere. During my daily commute I almost get into a meditative state…its very relaxing and good for the soul. I take my bike already since quite a while as my main means of transport, but since working at Bikmo I get more and more interested in the variety of disciplines in the world of cycling. Unfortunately, cycling can be a very expensive sport in which “belonging to the club” sometimes seems to be on the top. There is a lot of judgment if you don’t have the newest kit or if you have the „wrong“ brand … that’s a bit of a shame. Here I would like to show that you can also have fun on a smaller budget or as a beginner.

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

I don’t really listen to music when I’m out here on the streets. It’s just too dangerous.

When not riding, where can we find you?

Outside in the garden, cooking or baking, on the way with friends, in the Welsh mountains, doing yoga or running, or in a café …?

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

Bikmo means a great team with a lot of laughing and joking, but also listening and support. The atmosphere and commitment with us is really unique. And of course there is also the fact that we are mostly a group of active bikers.

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