Chief Bean Counter

As the Chief Bean Counter at Bikmo , Sue works passionately to ensure that the accounts are running as smoothly as possible, with the same forward-thinking attitude as the rest of the team. Sue is quick to try new things and is always game for a race when out on a team ride against the other whippets on the team.

Question time

First name: Sue      Surname: Drake     Location: Neston, Cheshire      Background: Book-keeping

What bikes do you own?

Giant road bike and a multi-purpose hybrid for family rides

Aspirational bike?

Being an enthusiastic amateur that’s a tough one! A bike I can lift with my little finger and that also has wings

Favourite ride or trail?

No favourite as such but my next planned ride is going to be across the Llangollen canal and the Chick Viaduct

Favourite rider?

Victoria Pendleton

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Elephant – Parkgate in Neston. Fabulous views across the Dee, great coffee (and cake) bike racks and a fixed tire pump across the road

Coffee of choice?

Coffee served at Elephant

What motivates you about riding?

Fresh air, freedom and the wind in my face

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem, Darude – Sandstorm and David Guetta – Play Hard

When not riding, where can we find you?

Hanging out with my family and friends

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

The team!

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