Head of Partnerships

I was destined to be a Civil Engineer, however after graduating I bought a container of about 150 bikes and started a bike share company with a good mate instead. We did the start-up thing, raised investment and after 4 years I’d set up around 10 city hire schemes around the UK. I’m now back in my favourite corner of the country taking on a great new challenge with Bikmo.

Question time

First name: Rob      Surname: Grisdale      Location: London/Chester      Background: Civil Engineer + Bike Share schemes

What bikes do you own?

Specialized Allez Elite (road), Charge Cooker (MTB), and a Purple Knight (cheap single-speed runaround)

Favourite ride or trail?

The Lakeland fells and trails – they bring back lots of childhood memories

Favourite rider?

Marco Pantani

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Cafe Tio Conejo – it’s in the Colombian mountains near a city called Manizales and the coffee in the cup came from the plants in front of us

Coffee of choice?

Carvetti – a roaster blend in the Lakes close to where I grew up

What motivates you about riding?

The feeling of not needing to think, which I can’t get from anywhere else

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

The Incubus, ‘Make Yourself’ album

When not riding, where can we find you?

Eating. I love good food – don’t we all?

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

I feel like a loyal customer rather than an employee

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