Content & Social Media Manager

Mike is born and raised in the Austrian Alps and never lost his passion for being outsides. From our office site in Innsbruck, Austria he supports us with everything concerning the areas marketing, photo and video.

Question time

First name: Michael       Surname: Mühlegger      Location: Innsbruck      Background: Marketing, Photography, Videography

What bikes do you own?

A Ghost SL AMR X7.9,  a Giant Glory and my old Scott Aspect which got equipped with slicks and now works as my commute and city bike.

Aspirational bike?

The Yeti SB165.

Favourite ride or trail?

My home trails in Gmunden, Austria. That’s where everything began.

Favourite rider?

Sam Blenkinsop.

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Not a big coffee drinker…

Coffee of choice?

Same story, mostly completely satisfied with only water.

What motivates you about riding?

The connection to the nature. I’m no person that likes fitness studios or indoor sports, I like to be outdoors in the fresh air, seeing trees, plants or even feeling the rain and snow.

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

The sound of my freewheel.

When not riding, where can we find you?

Either somewhere in the mountains with my snowboard or just catching some shots with my camera.

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

To work with a team that has the same passion about biking than me.

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