If its about accounting and audits Louise is our person to talk with. But she is by far not only at home in the world of numbers. If Louise is not in the office she loves being outside in nature and spending time with her beloved ones.

Question time

First name: Louise       Surname: Burgoyne      Location: Coedpoeth      Background: Finance/Audits/Debt Management

What bikes do you own?

Technically none (assuming a long term borrowed bike doesn’t count) hoping santa may get me a new one this year!

Aspirational bike?

A nice pink E Bike of some sort to help me back up the welsh hills after work!

Favourite ride or trail?

Generally tend to stick to child friendly routes so the little legs can keep up, a short but sweet trail in Xel Ha Eco park in Cancun earlier this year is definitely our most memorable, also hoping to try out some cycling routes in Puglia, Italy next year.

Favourite rider?

Not sure I’m qualified enough to answer this question yet sorry!……

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

I’m one of these strange people who hates coffee!  Coffeetots by the Chester canal is always a good spot if I’m out with the kids though! Amazing food & the Babycinnos are always a hit!

Coffee of choice?

Does hot chocolate count?….or Diet Coke!

What music are you currently listening to?

I have a pretty random taste in music, anything goes really! …currently Lil nas X/ Kygo/Whitney Houston, also partial to some Gabrielle/Alanis Morissette classics with some Avicii/EDM mixed in somewhere.

When not in the office, where can we find you?

Exploring the outdoors with my family

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

I love being part of a friendly & motivated team who all love what they do!

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