Full Stack Developer

Joe supports our IT department and makes sure everything runs they way its supposed to be. In addition he’s also the one, that brings some musical vibes into our team. As active part of a band and former sound engineer, you can rely on Joe in everything related with music and sound.

Question time

First name: Joe       Surname: Reynolds      Location: Chester      Background: Audio Engineering

What bikes do you own?

I have a road bike to get from A to B but apart from that I’m ashamed to say I don’t cycle nearly as much as most of the team.

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

This is awkward, I don’t drink coffee (or tea).

Coffee of choice?

Can I say water? (You can tell I work in IT)

What music are you listening to currently?

The 2 bands I have on repeat are:

Autechre – An electronic duo from Manchester

Clowns – A punk rock band from Australia

When not in the office, where can we find you?

Usually you’ll catch me at home writing music or playing gigs with the band I’m in. Apart from that you can catch me in the gym or out and about in and around Chester.

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

The atmosphere and how friendly everyone is. The office dog is a big plus too!

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