Ben joins the Bikmo Dev team to support Jorj in the ever changing world of tech. To keep us at the forefront, he spends endless hours in a dark room with keyboard in hand, only emerging to top up his caffeine levels. With such dedication, it’s hardly any wonder our site looks so good.

A recent returner to two wheels, Ben has sparked up his passion once more in his recovery from a knee injury. A regular around the picturesque Wirral lanes, Ben is loving the feel of the wind through his hair…on both his head and legs!


Question time

First name: Ben       Surname: Furfie      Location: Oxton      Background: Web Developer/Technology and Business Journalist

What bikes do you own?

Giant Fathom 1

Aspirational bike?

Giant Anthem Advanced

Favourite ride or trail?

JBR to al-Wasl via Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Beach Road

Favourite rider?

Fellow Aussie, Remy Morton

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

It might offend the coffee snobs at Bikmo, but give me a Costa any day…

Coffee of choice?


What motivates you about riding?

Getting out there, exploring and pushing myself. Oh, and losing weight, which I put a bit too much of on after busting my knee a couple of years ago

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

Anything rock or punk that has a good, fast beat

When not riding, where can we find you?

Probably behind the computer, trying out new technologies to make the Bikmo website even more awesome

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

I get to combine two of my favourite things – riding and coding



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