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Anna recently joined Bikmo to head up our marketing, sharing the Bikmo team spirit with the whole wide world, and making sure you can find us online whenever searching for “the best cycle insurance”. She has been into bikes since she can remember, starting her passion for mountain biking on the rough trails of Bike Park Špičák (CZE) in 2008.

Located in the Innsbruck office, Anna has access to the local MTB trails right at her doorstep. And delicious Italian coffee combined with endless single trails in the South Tyrolean Alps just half an hour drive away!


Question time

First name: Anna       Surname: Vodickova    Location: Innsbruck      Background: Marketing, GIF & Meme master

What bikes do you own?

Trek Remedy 9.8 with SRAM Eagle for the trail days. Norco Aurum for the fast days in the bike park. My newest addition Scott Addict RC 20 for the hottest days of summer on tarmac. Ol’ trustworthy XC Merida with scandium frame to get me to work every day and an old school city bike for sunny days in town. And a Giant Trance which has been looking for a new owner since last spring (anyone interested?)

Aspirational bike?

Black carbon beauty Unno Burn (Factory obvs.)

Favourite ride or trail?

Arzler Alm Trail, because it’s 30 min pedal to the top of the trail from my doorstep.

Favourite rider?

Casey Brown, Claire Buchar – both exceptional and stylish female shredders.

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Brennpunkt in Innsbruck.

Coffee of choice?


What motivates you about riding?

Freedom, control over body & bike, it’s always the best times with friends but also alone.

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

Taylor Swift and 80’s tunes.

When not riding, where can we find you?

Lounging on a couch with a beer in my hand, or cooking up something delicious for my dearest friends in the kitchen.

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

Connecting the biggest passion in my life, riding bikes with actual work, which isn’t only there to pay the bills. But actually offers fulfilment and self-realization. And the team, feel like cyclists always have this special connection.



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