We’ve chosen not to take part in Black Friday this year and your email inbox is probably thankful for it.

Instead, we want to take a moment to thank the local bike shops and shop owners for staying open this year and throughout lockdown. It’s been a tough year and a busy one for the industry but bike retail has kept open and worked overtime to service your bikes and kit you out with what you need.

Part of our core values is to actively support local cycling communities by working with cycle retailers with a goal to put £10M per year back into local retailers by 2023. And for Black Friday, we’re asking you to make a difference too in your local cycling community by buying local.

Supporting your local bike shop, whether independent or a franchise, circles back to helping your local economy during a time when high streets need it most. Whether it’s a sole business owner or a bigger company employing people from your town, going to a physical outlet instead of ordering from an online-only firm, makes a big difference.

So rather than checking out with super-fast delivery, jump on your bike, take a mask and head on over to your local bike shop to support your local livelihoods.


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