At last year’s Brompton World Championship we asked attendees to design their own Brompton for our Brompton Makeover competition. The winning design was Maria’s Pride Bike, which was chosen by Brompton’s Managing Director, Will Butler-Adams. Maria’s prize was to have her own Brompton painted in her own design!

Maria had close competition from the rest of the applicants; we had some amazing submissions, especially ‘Tour de France Brompton’ and ‘Bikemoo’ (see below). We took Maria’s design to several bike painters and Addicted Bikes jumped at the challenge to make her dream a reality.

Scroll down to see the different stages of the Brompton Makeover in all of it’s multi-coloured glory…


After asking our local bike shop to dismantle the Brompton, we sent the parts across to Addicted Bikes who began stripping the original paint. If you’ve painted your bike before you’ll remember this as being the tough part, especially if you’re doing it with sandpaper. 


After stripping the bike of its original paint it was now onto the fun part of the job. They sprayed the primer onto the bike which created black surface to work from. It’s essential that you prime the frame before painting as it will give a nice even surface to paint on, as well as giving the paint a strong material to stick to, giving the new paint job longevity. 


After leaving the primer for a period to dry, it was time for some colour! As there were various fades and colours to tackle, Addicted Bikes had to paint the frame in stages to make sure the design was exactly what Maria wanted. Compared to a standard bike frame, the Brompton was much more challenging due to the amount of parts and the fading of colour between them.

The finishing touches...

The Pride Bike was looking the part but it needed a few more finishing touches to make it special. Although it wasn’t on the original design, the guys at Addicted Bikes asked Maria if she wanted to add some sparkle, which she obviously agreed to! If you look close enough on the image below you can see that head-turning sparkle, we love it!

To add the final touch to this brilliant piece of handicraft, they painted the Brompton logo in a metallic silver sheen; making this Brompton, if it had ever been in doubt, definitely one of a kind. 

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