As cycling enthusiasts, we know the happiness and elation which comes from riding a bike. As former commuters to work, either by car or public transport, we can also empathise with research showing how travelling to work can decrease the feeling of happiness, life satisfaction and the sense that our activities are worthwhile with every minute. That’s why we say, with the warmer days approaching, ditch the doom and gloom and try cycling to work – you won’t regret it.

Cycling to work

With the good always comes the bad, so as much as we hope your experiences are positive, remember there are precautions to take to make you’re cycling to work as safe as possible. You know how the saying goes, two heads are better than one, so we’ve touched base with our legal advisors Poole Alcock Solicitors to come up with some top tips.

1. Slow and steady

We’ve all been there, late for that 9am meeting or you’ve slept in way past your alarm clock. Your natural reaction would be to ramp up the speed as you cycle to work, however don’t be tempted by this! It’s important to be aware of your surroundings, especially fellow cyclists, automobiles and possible pedestrians looking to cross the road. Speeding will only decrease your alertness, and increase your chances of a nasty collision.

2. Helmet camera

Helmet cameras are increasingly being used by people who cycle to work. They carry with them a number of benefits, most importantly however gloomy this may be, if you were in the unfortunate position of making a cycle insurance claim. ‘Touch wood’ this doesn’t happen to you, but the last thing you want when being involved in an accident which isn’t your fault, is to be in a ‘my word against yours’ situation.

Not only can a helmet camera provide you with vital evidence in your defence, but it could also be proof against false allegations, and will increase confidence when cycling to work.

3. Hi-visibility

Perhaps the most obvious, hi-visibility clothing is the best way to be seen by fellow cyclists and vehicles. Hi-viz jackets and gilets are good options when the weathers a tad chilly, or you can wear hi-viz strips which can be worn around your ankles/arms. As the sun is making more of an appearance, you may like to opt for a hi-viz jersey, and lucky for you fluro clothing has become fashionable once more.

Bikmo Izzy riding cyclocross bike

4. Watch out for potholes

Granted there really is no accurate way for you to know when a pothole is looming, however keeping your attention ahead of you and to the road should definitely reduce your chances of flying off the bike.

5. Plan ahead

If you’ve never cycled to work or to your end destination, it might be worth practicing the route beforehand, or at the very least plan your route before you set off. Not only will this make you a more confident cyclists, but it’ll prepare you for things like difficult roundabouts, blind cycling spots and congested areas which could usually cause issues.

Bikmo Ebike - Oct 18

Legal advice

If you’re a Bikmo customer, and you’re in the unfortunate position of needing to make a cycle insurance claim, our partners Poole Alcock Solicitors are the go-to people for free legal advice – just one of the benefits you’ll receive from having a cycle insurance policy with Bikmo.

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