Although we don’t wish our customers to be in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim, it is great to hear when they have positive experiences. We recently received some top rated feedback from a valued customer Mr Dan, that we just had to share.

Here’s what Dan had to say

The crash occurred during a circuit race on an airfield in Somerset. As the race picked up on the final corner before the sprint finish, a rider in-front touched wheels and crashed, taking out a teammate and myself in the process.

The impact cracked my front rim and spokes and threw me to the ground, sliding on the tarmac and cracking my helmet, shoes and leaving me with plenty of grazes to my elbows, knee and back in the process.

The following day I made Hiscox aware of the accident, and filled details of the damage with supporting evidence and photographs. Having listed my items beforehand on the Bikmo Plus site really sped up the process,  and allowed me to catalog purchase receipts and costs for replacements.

Within a week Hiscox has been in contact with the calculated settlement.  Having not touched the bike for a week after the crash, I noticed damaged had also occurred to the rear derailleur. I got in contact and they happily added the replacement costs to the claim. The final settlement was agreed and sent to my account.

The process was quick and easy which allowed me to start sourcing replacement items to get back to racing again. It certainly took the sting out of replacing the parts out of my own pocket.  I would definitely recommend Bikmo Plus to friends.

After hearing of my crash I told teammates about Bikmo and the cover it included. They were surprised about the coverage for competing, clothing and upgraded parts and having referred them using the code gave me a bonus voucher to myself.


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