For most cyclists our most expensive bike is the next most valuable single item we own after the house and car. It’s no surprise then that the main worry for a cyclist is that they lose or damage it. However, you might be surprised to find out that you might actually be wearing or carrying more value in clothing, kit and accessories that the bike itself.

To illustrate our point, we took 2 averagely enthusiastic riders from Bikmo – James and Jorj. James loves the roads, and Jorj digs the trails. They both spend reasonable amounts on decent kit that lasts, but no more than a typical Bikmo customer. So how much ££ are they riding around with at one time?

We got both kitted up in their cold weather riding gear because the days are getting shorter again and we all already tend to be wearing more clothing, and as we know warm stuff tends to be more expensive. Everything is their own and paid for with their own hard-earned cash. Admittedly some stuff was bought with a discount and for others the prices vary across the web a bit but for the purposes of this experiment, we’re using RRP prices to represent the true replacement value.

Let’s take a closer look at what they both dug out of their kit wardrobe with these interactive images. Click on the image and hover over their various parts to see info on every item on their person.. and no fortunately you can’t remove them.

James the roadie

Jorj the MTBer

The numbers

  • Items of kit = 16 (road) / 21 (MTB)
  • Most expensive item = £325 SIDI shoes (road) / £269.99 TomTom Muliti-sports watch (MTB)
  • Total value on person = £1,566 (road) / £1,670 (MTB)

Our thoughts

This was by no means a scientific experiment, but we think James and Jorj are pretty representative of many of our customers. They are both often taking over £1,500 worth of clothing and kit with them when they ride, and that excludes their actual bikes and other upgrades like James’s power meter or Jorj’s seat post dropper.

Next time you’re out, get your phone out and tot up your own clothing and kit values. You’ll be surprised.

Our Bikmo cycle insurance bit

The point we wanted to get across is that cycle insurance is about more than the bike. 45% of Bikmo claims include clothing and accessories (data from Bikmo’s Open Project – Claims data).

Being cyclists ourselves means that we have this insight, and have designed our product to suit riders like us. When it comes to protecting your clothing and accessories, we offer some of the most generous cover out there:

  • £250 or 10% (whichever greater) of your insured values for clothing and helmets
  • £250 or 10% (whichever greater) of your insured values for accessories

This is included as standard with every policy. So if you insure a combined total of £5,000 worth of bikes, we give you £1,000 of cover for clothing, headgear and accessories as standard. It’s very rare to damage everything you are wearing or carrying, so for James and Jorj, they have more than enough cover to be able to ride hard using their favourite kit.

Get a quote to see what other cover you get with Bikmo.

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