Fancy getting into the mind of a World Class MTB pro? Well, physically that just isn’t possible. What is possible, is for you guys to ask our ambassador Katy Curd, who has made one hell of a return to downhill this year, (having podium’d at nearly every BDS race), any question you like during her Bikmo Facebook takeover.

What do you want to know?

We know what we’d ask. Like, how it felt to be crowned 4X World Champ in 2014? Did she expect her return to downhill to be so flippin’ good, landing her deservedly within the Top 10 amongst a bunch of fierce riders. Tips on becoming a stronger, faster, and overall better MTB shredder.

You think of the questions, she’ll give you the answers.

When & how?

Simply go to the Bikmo Facebook, and send a direct message to our inbox, and Katy will try to answer each and every question between 8-9PM Thursday evening.

Don’t use Facebook? Alternatively, you can send us a Tweet, DM, email or pigeon post, you decide!



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