Our friends from Hövding are coming to Chester city-centre, and together with Bikmo we’re putting on a live crash demo of the amazing Airbag helmet – and YOU’RE INVITED!

If watching someone crash their bike on purpose isn’t enough, how about:

  • Q&A with Hövding and Bikmo
  • Free speciality coffee from the Bikmo wagon
    …or an early beer perhaps?!
  • Take away your exclusive Hövding discount
  • Test ride (without the crashing!)
  • Info for retailers interested in stocking Hövding

The demo will take place between 1:00 – 1:30pm on Thursday 19th October in Abbey Square, Chester, CH1 2HU (see below for map). It’s a stunning setting in the shadow of Chester Cathedral.

If you’re planning to come along, please let us know through the Facebook event button belowor if you don’t do facebook email hello@bikmo.com.


Feel free to share with your mates – the more the merrier.

More about Hövding

The Hövding is an airbag helmet for urban cyclists – it is worn around the neck like a neckerchief. The Hövding inflates to completely protect your head in the event of an accident. Testing has shown the Hövding to provide 8x the protection of a standard helmet and almost completely remove the risk of skull fracture.

video screenshot 2

Over 60,000 Hövding helmets are already in use – we’re seeing a lot more of them about – spend some time in London and you’ll spot one.

As well as the safety benefits they provide, we think they are great for people who don’t like wearing helmets – which can be sweaty, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

You can find out more about Hövding at https://hovding.com/.

Come along and ask as many questions as you like!

Finding Abbey Square, Chester

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