When news arrived that our ambassador Julia Hobson was featuring in the new Hope Technology short film 5am – a film which aims to inspire riders from all backgrounds, regardless of age or gender to push physical and mental boundaries whilst exploring the world a little differently – we knew we’d be in for a real treat. In the words of Julia Hobson, this is what it’s all about.


I would definitely call myself a morning person. I always have been, and I think it probably all began from the days of being a little girl running around my family farm. Every morning I would awaken to the sound of animals, either hungry calves or noisy cockerels as the sun prepared to awaken the rest of the world.

When I entered my teenage years I remained an early riser as I would set a 4:30am alarm every morning to go swimming right through until the end of college.


Hope Technology: 5AM

Whilst I mightn’t hike up the mountains (bike in tow) as much as I used to, preferring to lie in the comfort of a warm duvet to watch the sunrise, when I do choose to, I’m always so glad of my efforts.

Earlier this year I was stoked to be asked by Hope Technology to get involved in their latest short film, 5am. I replied yes in a heartbeat, and it wasn’t long before I’d joined the crew from Paper Cut Media along with fellow Hope Tech ladies Rachael, Sam and Roo for a few days filming in the Lake District.

Before I tell you about how amazing it was, watch the video below.

Hope Technology: 5am from hopetech on Vimeo.

To rise at 5AM

The short film captures how it feels to be a 5am riser. In the words of Hope Tech:

“You’re ripped from your slumber and whatever you were dreaming of is instantly a faint speckle on a distant horizon. With your eyes still short, you scrabble to try and claw it back, but you quickly realise the dream is gone and you direct your efforts into kick-starting the day instead”

For me personally, sunrises are totally amazing! Every single one is different, however, each is equally as awe-inspiring and mind-blowingly beautiful as the last.

The sunrise symbolises the beginning of a new day, as if yesterdays slate has been wiped clean and 24hrs of fresh opportunities lie in your wake, ready to be grasped.

Fighting the fatigue

I know it’s not easy for some people to jump up out of bed, and I’m not saying that I do exactly that. However, when you see the beauty that lies in those hours that most people miss, you’ll slowly become a creature of habit.

For me, sitting on top of the summit you’ve just spent an hour climbing and riding to see what looks like the world waking up is one of life’s greatest pleasures.


Image: Roo Fowler for Hope Technology

I love how when you’re waiting for the sun to rise, you’ll notice the pink glow in the horizon become a fiery orange almost as if it’s on fire. Still there’s a sense of waiting as the sun slowly rises like a golden orb bringing with it light, warmth and an awakening of life.

In that moment, you appreciate everything you stand and live for.


Image: Roo Fowler for Hope Technology

What are you waiting for?

The transition from night to day is the most inspirational phenomenas in the universe. It’s a reminder that no matter what happens, our world keeps spinning as chapters in our lives end as others begin.

For those of you who’ve never witnessed the sunrise from the top of a mountain, I suggest you do so this summer. You can either go alone just you and your bike and enjoy the peace and solitude, or go with friends to share and appreciate the beauty together.

Remember the sunrise is earth’s free show and it happens every single day!


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