When it comes to securing your bike at home, getting it right is vital to ensure your insurance is valid. To help, we’ve written some handy guidelines on how to best go about it. This is to make sure that you’re always protected, even off the bike.

Where Should I Keep My Bikes?

Depending on the number of bikes you own, you may choose to store them in a spare room within the house, in the garage, or in the shed. All of these are valid options, and any cycle insurance company will have requirements around securing bikes, so it’s important to read your policy thoroughly.

To explain them more thoroughly, we’ve written a series of posts:

Do I Need To Lock My Bikes Up?

Extra security never hurts, and can help prevent the frustration and pain of having your property stolen through making it harder for a thief to remove. Although it’s not a requirement when bikes are stored within your house, garage, outbuilding, wooden or metal shed within your property boundaries, it’s a good idea to lock the bikes to an immovable object, or at the very least through the frame and wheels to prevent the would-be thief from riding away there and then.

You can check out the requirements for approved locks here, and read up on the definition of an immovable object here.

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